Hi everyone, I'm glad that I have time to show my Biography!
I play R.P.G games at most, they are the best.
Sometimes I play some adventure games, but mostly I don't.
I love drawing things and some art.
I want to show you people but I don't have Scanner,(probably I'll get in Christmas).
I like snakes, and I play with them(hehe).
Also I like fishing and driving cars.
I'm 15 and live in New Zealand, use to live in England.Ember is cool.I'm 15 and live in New Zealand, use to live in England.
Merry Christmas everyone!
The Forum I most visit:
Diablo2: The Lord of Destruction
StarCraft: Broodwar
Pokemon Sapphire
Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Faq/Contribution Forum.
Well that's all, enjoy.
See you around the Forums.


Throwing stuff at people, RPG games.
Hitting some one with my baseball bat.
Hack someone's computer by tricking.
Make a lags on Online games.
Driving cars.


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Dec 30, 2003

HmmHmmHmm: This game is pretty good. It has improved graphics and better Storyline. Some of the fighting moves could look a little better but is a good game. This is a game you should buy! Also the soundtrack is cool and has one of the best...

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