It's been too long for me to get a newsletter for a code to pokemon oras demo, Am I the only one? I opted and signed up f

Can someone please get me celebs dex entry? I just need one more to complete the national dex. Any help will be appreciated.

Status:Offline I know I have a long way but if anyone can help me if you need me to return them to you, tell me my goal

Im looking for some kind souls to help me fill up my dex there is a reward however ~20 dex entries and get, Two Free shinies

I dont really have much to offer except shinies, I can also offer a Shiny 6 iv Genesect Pm me for details I can do a 5:1 shin

I'm giving away free shiny Eevees for Christmas However,you must apply to these rules and hopefully you will be the winne

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