So looking around it seems that a river or mountain start is on longer optimal, leading you to not being shoehorned into any

Sup guys. Here's your generic intro thread. Stop by, make a post and tell us a little about yourself and your experience

Hey guys. This is a place where you can make requests or leave feedback and suggestions... as the title implies. Anyway, don&

I can literally build this with 3 of the Lightsworn structure decks plus some spare cards. It's really budget-y minus the What this means for you: If you use LOLKing, not As announced earlier the League of Legends

I'm sure many of you know what happened regarding Royal Club and Wh1t3zZ after Season 3 World Championships finished. For

Oh, *bleep*. Another Gaza-Israel Conflict Thread. I'm curious, though. Why all of a sudden? Was there something I miss

Yes, I'm aware the tag is Let's Play, but I'm actually just hosting a stream on Twitch. :o So I've been st

You guys should join. This is gonna be wicked.

_ A Pokémon Roleplay by Vast_ _Setting:_ This RolePlay is set 65,000 years in the

Well thanks to @canderson's constant reminders I managed to pick up a couple of Saturday tickets to NYCC! I know a few ot

With Zeezow stepping down, clearly I need someone else to help me deal with you troublemakers in aiding the growth of the com

So I recently started getting into them, in the middle of my first one now. My avatar is currently my favorite girl from the

Come on guys, let's watch Rayce's stream together~!

Hello Neoseeker!I have decided to give streaming from my Xbox a go. I will try and do a variety of games that I have to hopefully cater to a ton of different tastes and desires, with tons of commentary and a face cam for those embarrassing mom...

How are you guys going to prepare for the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sappire? Are you guys going to do anything special

MAY APPRECIATION THREAD ACTIVATE Speculations of our rivals? Will we have May/Brendan again? More importantly, do you guy

... will you be getting? Honestly kind of surprised this thread hasn't been made yet. Which one are you more inclined to

We have no idea what the game's interior looks like, yet, but if they follow suit with X and Y, then we'll be getting

There's some speculation going on in General Pokemon about the covers being MegaGroudon and MegaKyogre, and it's actu

It's been a while since its release, I want to hear your thoughts on the item? Do you like it as an item? Do you not lik

How many of you use this hella nightmarish program? I'm just starting to learn GIMP myself, and it's not easy. My cur

The ad carry for the Copenhagen Wolves in the EU LCS, FORG1VEN, was fined $1,000 for in-game harassment, verbal abuse, and ge _The Streams_ Twitch Twitch popout player LoLeSports Azubu

Do you play ranked? What deck do you use? Where have you peaked? What rank are you now? How do most of your games go? I&#

So the whole concept of Wonder Trade in and of itself is flawed. Why is that, you ask? Well, friends, thank you for asking. T

This is more directed at long time players of the series, but why do you still play this game? I mean, the argument that say

You'd think I'd have made one of these by now, right? Anyway, yeah. What's up guys? Introduce yourself here an Siren Doublelift approve Happy Valentine's Day friends. Or Forever Alone Day if you have no one to spend it with, I'm

Okay, Lorx. Your turn. This is for you. Happy Valentine's Day~ <3

The Defender of Hearts and sometimes tomorrow.

So now I'm actually accustomed to the game, I can actually understand the talk better. What class do you guys end up usin

Once I think of a wittier title, I'll probably replace it, but I think I'm content with this one for now. Anyway,

I need help: Do I study something I enjoy or something practical? I've never been the most traditional person, but I s

Don't we all hate when we see that? We all thought we left that behind once we hit level 30, and yet we manage to see it

Well, from my experience every game has different classes or archetypes who try to secure victory through different means. Is

Haha, well done Lemondogs. Well done.

Link!I heard about LD not doing all too well as of late, I didn't expect that they'd get kicked out for not submitting papers of all things...xD, what do you guys make of it?...

Not able to log onto League? Here's why.

NA, EUW, EUNE and OCE were all taken down at one point or another and multiple servers are still having issues. I know a lot of friends who have tried to log in to minimal success.Apparently it's the work of a group known as DERP and they've b...