bloodwolf MegaBassMan
Mar 13, 13 11:26am
Please don't eat me...... Derp
Hmszelda MegaBassMan
Dec 28, 11 1:02pm

lateness (Y)

Congratz on 4,000 post, BTW
Randomness MegaBassMan
Jun 25, 09 7:14pm
Just thought I'd stop by ur guestbook and sign! Trying to get this character up to date!


(Formally Pix)
Ruby Kyrogue MegaBassMan
Feb 11, 07 6:20am
I made the trainer card for you go here, or i'll just pm it to you

Relmutsie AN MegaBassMan
Oct 22, 05 1:52pm
No signs? Aww, cheer up, here's a stamp for you.

This will bring you good luck. See you around.