added Portal 2 (PC) to his own list
added Portal (PC) to his own list
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likes captain boo's status update: "Pretty hype on Pachirisu right now."
likes canderson's status update: "52 more days =D"
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likes Rayce's status update: "Craziest match of Pokemon Worlds. Mega Garchomp, Overheat Talonflame and Pachirisu. This is Pokemon man. PlayPokemon"

What does that make someone that thinks they're average? read more

likes Rayce's status update: "Oh Captain, my Captain"
likes MidnightXS's status update: "ASCW VI sign-ups are officially open!"
I've never seen so many effective cliffhangers in a series before, I'm quite frankly impressed by it.

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because wincest
I still have logs of you and Taya admitting to your own wincest, mind you. ;I read more

What's up with all the sibling love in anime these days?
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You're still a noob, btw. read more

likes Squiggle's status update: "=)"

Forget that, I'm more concerned with the high sensitivity joysticks. Makes fighters impossible. :c read more