Yeah. People are being stupid about it. The whole outdated "It's only a game, not a sport" argument is being used. read more

I have a friend in real life that plays Yu-Gi-Oh AND League? THE HELL?! How did I just find out about this now?
Why can't we have more themes like Christian's? I really hope he makes a return. Captain Charisma deserves so much. peep4lyfe
likes Vast's status update: "GetBassANewComputer"
likes Pikale's status update: "GetBassANewComputer"
Stream goes up in 5 minutes, hopefully. Pokemon Glazed Day 2
likes MidnightXS's status update: "They see me moddin. They hatiiiiiiiiin."
likes Eiche's status update: "Quixotic would like some of Gotenks's canadian bacon."
likes Vast's status update: ""But I've gotten accustomed to seeing Vast do things for the sake of screwing people over, or at least for the laughs." - Pikale"
Took 3 hours longer than it should have but I finally decided on a new case for my phone!

Still a great gif that I use whenever possible. read more

likes Swampert X's status update: "watched Danganronpa, that was plain vague shit. interesting but lame at the end, expected more out of it"
likes Eiche's status update: "Nice job, Germany!"
That game was Klose, but Argentina's offense just happened to be Messi.
likes Eiche's status update: "MegaBassMan is now going live playing Pokémon Glazed, a hack of Emerald! Come check him out!"