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likes Dragoon's status update: "It's LIAMAPPRECIATIONDAY on twitter, hi Whelan"
likes Neolord's status update: "I never realized how utterly difficult the bosses in MMBN3 are until I started replaying it. D: How did I S-rank them as a kid!?"
likes Lorx's status update: "Don't text and drive, play children's card games on motorcycles instead."
likes canderson's status update: "A third PAX: PAXSouth finally announced for Texas. Excellent choice."
likes canderson's status update: "Can't wait to see Attack on Titan on TV next month. =D"
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Just finished Kimi no Iru Machi. Definitely on the look out for more manga suggestions.
likes Aevers' status update: "Heading off to Boston and then Ohio; see you guys in a few weeks!!"
I made the second string League of Legends team at my university!
I've never been so shattered in my life. GG World. You win again.
likes canderson's status update: "Captain America at midnight and I'm still going to work that morning. Hardcore Marvel fan here. ^_^"
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likes Whelan's status update: "See ya'll noobs at Eurogamer this year :>"
likes canderson's status update: "Can't wait to see the new Captain America movie at midnight. :)"
likes Eiche's status update: "98% sure I'm getting Super Metroid and Fusion tomorrow, or at least within the week. Pumped!"