Aww, damn. That was really well played by OMG. Guess 3 all NA teams in quarters was bit a much to ask. Group C really was death group.
Oh man. If C9 can beat NWS twice in a row, then they'll be the only western team to take first seed in groups and they're from NA too! =D

I uh... don't think you can consider the first 80 years as part of current Nintendo's chances.... read more

quote tekmosis
I don't see why they should be. Android is the top sold phones/OS world wide.
I don't... read more

It's frames like these that drive me to watch SoL/Romance anime even more:
likes Vast's status update: "Guys I just saved like $200 by downloading 4 GB of RAM. Thanks MegaBassMan!!"

This is what you get for deciding that Villager was your favorite character. read more

re: GameOver is status obsessed..

You spelled Dragoon wrong. read more

Bout... to... collapse...

Prison Architect. <3 If I wasn't spending money on League I'd be buying it right now. read more

Could just leave it at all fans of Doctor Who should call themselves losers. read more

Finished InternetAristocrat's videos on Tumblrisms. 2 thoughts: The man's brilliant and never thought I'd see BabyMetal have relevant usage.
Let Justice Be Done, Though The Heavens Fall ~ Fiat justitia ruat caelum
likes Sigma's status update: "LOVING SMASH 4 RIGHT NOW"
likes Stewie's status update: "Kingdom Hearts music will always be the greatest."

I've been here more than twice as long as you have

... that's actually kind of surprising. read more

likes Squiggle's status update: "Oh today marks four years of being on Neo YEAH."
likes Whelan's status update: "21"