Hey everyone, it looks like Neoseeker's hardware team is giving away an ECS Liva X Mini-PC. You can check out their revie

I have such loser friends.
I did it, ladies and gents. I am Plat. B)
The responsibility was short lived.
I slept responsibly?! What happened to me last night?

_Warning:_ Yeah... This blog may not be suitable for children. Reader discretion is advised. @Midnight, the idiot, approac

My unwavering faith in Brady was finally rewarded! The halftime show was also cool. I kinda wanna blog about my thoughts.
Finally got access to the Heroes of the Storm closed beta! Can't wait to try it out. <:
It's been a whole decade since I joined Neo. It's kinda incredible, really. It's been an awesome ride. <:

#PlatTheDream http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/get-ready-2015-ranked-season Season 5 offi

Support, please. I promise it'll be fun. http://neo.ly/1FvIeM8

Approved by Quixotic and Squiggle Welcome to Game Day! Once a week, yours truly will be hosting a day where we can all pl

This HAS to be the best thing to happen on AGDQ, real or fake. Props if you get the reference. Just *bleep*ing brilliant: http://bit.ly/1Ifcgjx
AGDQ Time! I'm really excited this for it this year, especially since a streamer I follow will be playing Rogue Legacy.
Streaming Transistor to those interested: http://bit.ly/1njjGqp
Bought Transistor as a New Year's present to myself.

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