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Feb 01, 16 7:34pm
Disgaea PC has an official launch date along with the ability to pre-purchase the digital deluxe edition for $20:

In this Strategy RPG, train your characters to level 9999 and deal damage by the millions in the wacky Netherworld that is Disgaea. Help Laharl become the Overlord by fighting complex battles that not only include spells and weapons, but also the uni...

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Feb 01, 16 3:05pm

I'm actually silver right now. :_oops: Figure I should keep a blog, not just so people can see but as a personal archi

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Jan 17, 16 9:50pm

I had a pretty interesting discussion yesterday regarding the League of Legends meta and I think this is the first time I'

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Jan 15, 16 5:31pm

A friend recently bought me the expansion I was missing for Civ V, so I started playing again, this time using mods I found i

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Jan 15, 16 5:06pm

What classes do you guys plan on playing? Any particular builds? Do you guys even play seasonal characters? I missed the last

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Jan 15, 16 4:43pm

Being real, this thread is probably long overdue, but I want to ask: Do you think Reno Jackson is toxic by design? I've s

Jan 15, 16 3:07pm
Oh shit, today's the 15th. 11 years on Neo today, that's over half my life.
Jan 07, 16 6:33pm
Man seeing my favorite speedrunner play a game during awful games done quick was an amazing experience. Worth staying up for. <3
Jan 07, 16 4:02am
Jan 01, 16 2:14am
Happy New Years, hope it's a good one.
Dec 30, 15 2:08am
Gurren Lagann was pretty good, glad I gave it another shot.
Dec 25, 15 12:09am
Merry Christmas all
Dec 23, 15 4:15pm
Happy Festivus all!
Dec 06, 15 2:10am
14-11 Final Score. Bass "The Rock" Senpai emerges victorious!
Dec 05, 15 5:31pm
You be my curry, I'll be your rice
Dec 05, 15 10:16am
Match moved to today because I was very sleepy.
Dec 04, 15 8:15pm
Stone Cold Soko vs. Badar "The Rock" Senpai tonight only on Steam. (^:

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