The ad carry for the Copenhagen Wolves in the EU LCS, FORG1VEN, was fined $1,000 for in-game harassment, verbal abuse, and ge

Just finished Kimi no Iru Machi. Definitely on the look out for more manga suggestions.
I made the second string League of Legends team at my university!
I've never been so shattered in my life. GG World. You win again.
Woo. Down to 37 LP. Go screw yourself, League.
You know it's a problem when you play one anime's openings over and over again on osu.
Trying out for school's LoL team. Decided to bootcamp Draven. 3-0 so far. Catching axes is tough. ): _The Streams_ Twitch Twitch popout player LoLeSports Azubu

Gold is mine this year. I can taste it.
9 days till Psych is finished. That makes me so sad. ):

Do you play ranked? What deck do you use? Where have you peaked? What rank are you now? How do most of your games go? I&#

Beelzebub's finished. I'm genuinely sad. I can honestly say it's one of my favorite manga of all time. That was amazing.

So the whole concept of Wonder Trade in and of itself is flawed. Why is that, you ask? Well, friends, thank you for asking. T

CLG with a 5 game winstreak. I'm so happy, none of you even know. potential
Haven't been on xfire in forever. Forgot how many friends I've made and lost touch with. It's kind of sad. Turns out I have Gribbz on there

This is more directed at long time players of the series, but why do you still play this game? I mean, the argument that say

You'd think I'd have made one of these by now, right? Anyway, yeah. What's up guys? Introduce yourself here an

Thank you based Chuunibyou for making me believe in animu again.

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