Steam Sales have started! Opened with 75% off SpeedRunners was an awesome pick up for me. <:
So uh... This Linear Algebra stuff... I'll never have to see it again, right? Right?

Buneary: Gender: Male Ability: Run Away IVs: Perfect Egg Moves: Ice Punch Nature: Jolly or Joltik: Gender: Female

You ruined everything.
Do I look pretty?
Have to decide between speedrunning my childhood game of Falzar or the version I've never played, Gregar.
Story time with Captain Nerditude was probably one of the best experiences of my life.
The Undisputed King of BGO Bullshit
Kik is lagging for whatever reason, so I'll do it here. Based Fukka and feels. Lots of squee.
Sonic Adventure 2 Stream may be postponed tonight, we'll see~
I'm grateful for those of you who watched my stream last night~
I'm live~ No webcam tonight, though, sorry folks.
I'm live~ No webcam tonight, though, sorry folks.
Streaming DLC Quest tonight, it'll be my first time playing, so you all should come join me~
Learn how to use the Internet

So a Team Magma and Aqua Grunt Couple gives you a Camerupt and Sharpedo, and what I was wondering is that are the natures alw

May wants to take me back to my dad's place? Is she trying to tell me something here?

Got 2 Taillows, AeroSmith and TaillowSwift. Gave one away, not telling you folks which because why not, and in return got a G

Omega Ruby Midnight Release~~~ Got it, bbz.
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