Shuppet was given the Shuppetite to hold.

hai guise wat r goign on in dis biznitch olol

God damn character limit.

Yeah I'm back I guess... serious what's up doe


oh there we go
You've came back! <3;
You're guilty all the same.

Meh, you guys don't read it anyway.

I spose I better keep typing now because apparently the character limit is one hundred and fifty characters long. blah blah *bleep*ing blah character limit character limit character limit....... :3

Let tomorrow have it's way with the promises we trade.
Ash to ashes, dust to dust.
Choke on your LIES, swallow up your GREED, suffer all alone in your MISERY!
It's 2:41 am and I've currently decided updating my bio was a higher priority than gonig to bed for TAFE tomorrow morning. :L

I like totally forgot about this, I should have seen it coming. Apologies for not saying anything for like a whole month, like.

This blog entry are not suitables for minors.

I haven't been on neo that much lately, due to a few reasons:

1. Getting my album ready for release on Wednesday.
2. Minecraft.
3. Work.
4. My new girlfriend. <3
5. Just better things to do (like #4 lols).

Nahh I kid, it's too early for sex yet, we've been going out for 10 days today.

Last night I took her to my good friend Aaron's birthday BBQ, where half of the time we just sat alone talking, hugging, kissing, etc. The other half of the time she'd be sitting my herself and I'd be socialising with all of aaron's friends. Apart from his girlfriend and my girlfriend there were no other girls. I ate a LOT of food, about 4 or 5 chicken skewers and a rissole sanga (sandwhich for all you non-aussies), a lot of chocolate & a few marshmellows. Drank about 4 beers and a can of passionfruit UDL (which is like vodka and softdrink basically) which I drank in a sculling contest with Aaron. He won but only by a splash of UDL. Ever since then I haven't stopped burping. I'm suprised all of that alcohol and food didn't come back up. I wasn't drunk at all, not even a bit tipsy. No hangover either, and about 1 or 2 hours sleep in the most awkward position in my car. I want a refund. D:

Though it was a good night, I'm pretty much exhaused, and I wouldn't really call this a weekly recap but oh well. Hope you enjoyed this late, impromptu blog post. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111

> MS

PS: I may be meeting squiggle bath in November! FINGERS CROSSED!

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I don't get it.

Just over a week ago I celebrated my 19th birthday the best way I could possibly think of... Pizza with the family.

"Pizza with the family? Are you serious Jolon? Why didn't you go out and get plastered like everybody else does on their birthdays?"

Well Mr./Mrs. Anonymous Neoseeker Visitor, if you read my last blog post I was suffering a pretty damn irritating ear infection which thankfully I'm now over. I was planning to go out to dinner at the pub with my friends the night of my birthday, it being a Saturday, but decided it was too cold and I was too sick to do anything, so my aunty and uncle came over and we nommed on some pizza from the awesome pizza place next to Coles (it's a supermarket for you non-Australians).

That day I got 69 wall posts on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday, along with the fair few posts I got from neoseekers. Thankyou guys, you made my birthday feel like more than a normal day, no matter how close it was to becoming one.

My parents couldn't afford much at all this year so I got some money ($100), a jacket, and CoD: Black Ops (Dad bought it for me last month but it was apparently "added to my birthday presents").

The night I was meant to post this blog entry, the family and I went out to the pub for dinner, and to celebrate me and my Nan's birthdays (In our family, Dad was born on the 1st of May, I was on the 7th, Nan was on the 13th and my Aunty was born on the 19th - all 6 days apart). I was still annoyed because I was on antibiotics and was not allowed to drink. Gah, I'm starting to sound like one of those old alcoholics (don't get the wrong ideas, I hardly go out, and when I do, that is the only time I drink). Though it is a bit depressing sitting here on my lonesome every night where I could be either out with my friends or with my girlfriend (if she hadn't broke up with me back in January). I also got some more presents from my aunty and uncle.

That reminds me. I seen her the other night (my ex, not my aunty lols) with some short, skinny pale guy who I went to school with. lol, she's twice the size of him. Though I do think they are only friends it doesn't stop them from doing anything. Meh, what do I care? As one of my good friends used to say back in school: "Pfft, girls."

Yesterday our local McDonalds had a crew social outing at Magic Mountain, an amusement park just outside Merimbula, where the McDonalds I work at is. One of the managers messaged me at 10:30 asking me to come, and because Mum was complaining that I don't get out of the house enough, I left for Magic Mountain. At first it was just me, some other girl who worked there, the manager who messaged me, and the big boss. After about 20 minutes we decided to go on some rides, then more people showed up (thank god). There was only 6 of us crew members in total, out of 25 who said they were coming (I didn't say anything), but we stil had a great time. It was good to get to see the other workers and managers in a different light. One of the guys who I usually hate to death I got along pretty well with. It's probably just because I stuff up too much around him and he hates me for it on shift. Totally different person outside Maccas.

That ear infection put me out of action at the gym, and It made me feel really bad about myself at first because I wasn't getting any excercise. Then it was hard getting back into it. I went to the gym today, but that was only after Mum nagging me about 5 or 6 times. I do appreciate her concerns, but sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything at all.

Well, that was a lot of blogging right there, I might make this a Mondaily thing instead of posting every Wednesday night. I'll call it, MS's Weekly Recap. Goodnight everyone! Better get to bed because I have a Centrelink appointment early in the morning. =D

> MS

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Being 19 isn't that different from being 18. Though I will have to make it special somehow as it is my last year of my teens...

Time for another blog post I spose. You're probably wondering why it is called what it's called. We'll get to that later.

The Royal Wedding. I had other family members come over for dinner so we could watch it. What did I do? Sit in my room and play Black Ops, completely indifferent to the situation, like a boss. The next day my friend Aaron was up from Melbourne for the weekend (most weekends really, he's always travelling up and back to see his girlfriend who lives up here) and asked if I was interested in coming out to Mumbulla Falls National Park for a bbq, so Aaron, his gf, one of his other friends and myself all went out there that day. After about 15kms of driving through the bush, we arrived at our destination and went swimming in the creek. Got a lot of video footage of us being complete dickheads, jumping off rocks, etc. At the moment I'm making a short movie out of it for my YouTube channel.

The next day, May 1st, was my dad's birthday. We went out to lunch in the next town south, the same town I work in, then on the way home Dad bought Mum a pillow. On his birthday. But I guess Mum did buy him a $80 leather jacket...

Speaking of birthdays... My birthday seems to be approaching pretty fast. 2 more days!

I've recently gotten into Minecraft. It is so addictive! I highly reccommend you buy the beta. It's 15 Pounds, and you don't pay anything else forever. You also get the final version free when it is released. I remember taking one look at it a while ago and thinking "wow, this looks retarded", but then my friend suggested it to me and I haven't really stopped playing it. Definately a must-have if you are a fan of any of the following: Age of Empires, Runescape, Lego, Tetris, Grand Theft Auto.

Now, the ear sex part. Two days ago, I woke up with a very bad ear infection and I ended up going to hospital that night, and waited for two hours before someone finally seen me. About halfway through the waiting period this cute chick walked in and Mum told me that we used to live near her when she was little. I couldn't remember her at all, but damn she was cute then. Apparently she had a rash all over her body. Poor girl. I was tempted to ask her on facebook (after I found her on there because I know her name) if she was "still itchy". lol. Would've broken the ice that's for sure. Alas, I can't find her on facebook since I don't know the correct spelling of her name..... Forever alone.

I got these ear drops that I'm meant to get in my ear at least 3 times a day. Ever wondered what Ear Sex feels like? Get an ear infection and some ear drops...

...xD I'm kidding, you do NOT want an ear infection, they hurt so much, and it's not just the ear. It's affecting my jaw, my teeth, my throat, and my head. The worst part is trying to sleep with it, I usually sleep with my right side of my head down on the pillow, and the right ear is the one that's infected. Last night I got no sleep because of it. I hope this bloody thing is gone by my birthday, I tend to get sick around my birthday every year, :(. Anyway I better go try and get some sleep, its already 12:18 AM. Goodnight.

> MS

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