To sever the ties or to dangle from a fraying rope?
This school environment is not welcome in a school environment!
But people die when they are killed by blood loss!
Call me! Fast, Affordable and Reliable! I'm the Delivery God!

Have you been to a music festival? If you have which ones? Also post pics. I've been to the Soundwave Music Festival i

The meme continues for another generation. What are the most ridiculous "Sinnoh Confirmed" theories you have see

Shuppet was given the Shuppetite to hold.

hai guise wat r goign on in dis biznitch olol

God damn character limit.

Yeah I'm back I guess... serious what's up doe


oh there we go
You've came back! <3;
You're guilty all the same.

Meh, you guys don't read it anyway.

I spose I better keep typing now because apparently the character limit is one hundred and fifty characters long. blah blah *bleep*ing blah character limit character limit character limit....... :3

Let tomorrow have it's way with the promises we trade.
Ash to ashes, dust to dust.
Choke on your LIES, swallow up your GREED, suffer all alone in your MISERY!
It's 2:41 am and I've currently decided updating my bio was a higher priority than gonig to bed for TAFE tomorrow morning. :L

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