I am trying my best for the forum and you guys, it should be more busy next year.

I can't take all the credit, IP has been helping me along the way.
Even though I like Wotter over Smugleaf, that was an awesome sig of Smugleaf you had. I like Shuppet too. See you around Mega Shuppet!
Hey, just coming by to sign your guestbook.
You're a really awesome guy. You're also friendly and a really good friend, so just keep being awesome and stuff.
Can you at least tell me how to use one? I NEED TO #@%&ING KNOW!!!!!!!
Respond or this will forever haunt your guestbook:
| | |
| | |
____ | |
| | |
| | |
| \___/
Can you mabye make me a sig. banner? I saw the one you made Squiggle bath and I don't know how to make/use one. Sign my guestbook when its done. Thanks!
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
here is a stamp for you to go PWN them noobs with

now go PWN the noobs and if you dont feel like PWNing you can eat this egg
I'm going on a round of Neo-friend GB signings. Enjoy:
Derrrr.... Funny welcome & Instructions...
Derrrr... Heres the stamp i promised in some neopm messages...

Derrrr... If you can make a trainer card, derrr,,, i'd like to request, thanks man...
Your cool and made my TC so I decided to stamp...A cool guy deserves a cool stamp and the only word I can describe you as is awesome..

Blimey MS! I thought you'd have more stamps than... Just one :S

Consider this you're second

See ya around
I decided to sign since no else really did.

Here ya go!

i was the seccond and i cant stand to see some 1 like you with one signin it kills me a nice gut no signs or 1 so here ya go
you seem like a cool guy and since you have no signs then i thought i'll be first here you go