Tf916 Mega Banette
Nov 27, 10 8:05pm
I am trying my best for the forum and you guys, it should be more busy next year.

I can't take all the credit, IP has been helping me along the way.
Quixotic Mega Banette
Oct 29, 10 9:00am
Even though I like Wotter over Smugleaf, that was an awesome sig of Smugleaf you had. I like Shuppet too. See you around Mega Shuppet!
Squiggle Mega Banette
Oct 29, 10 3:50am
Hey, just coming by to sign your guestbook.
You're a really awesome guy. You're also friendly and a really good friend, so just keep being awesome and stuff.
Links_spirit_23 Mega Banette
Oct 26, 10 4:00pm
Can you at least tell me how to use one? I NEED TO #@%&ING KNOW!!!!!!!
Respond or this will forever haunt your guestbook:
| | |
| | |
____ | |
| | |
| | |
| \___/
Links_spirit_23 Mega Banette
Oct 26, 10 3:54pm
Can you mabye make me a sig. banner? I saw the one you made Squiggle bath and I don't know how to make/use one. Sign my guestbook when its done. Thanks!
Crystal Creation Mega Banette
Oct 13, 07 4:05pm
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
InnerDemon Mega Banette
Aug 12, 07 6:37am
here is a stamp for you to go PWN them noobs with

now go PWN the noobs and if you dont feel like PWNing you can eat this egg
dandy01 Mega Banette
Jul 07, 07 4:14am
I'm going on a round of Neo-friend GB signings. Enjoy:
Mrblikey Mega Banette
May 07, 07 3:23pm
Derrrr.... Funny welcome & Instructions...
Derrrr... Heres the stamp i promised in some neopm messages...

Derrrr... If you can make a trainer card, derrr,,, i'd like to request, thanks man...
growlitheking Mega Banette
Apr 12, 07 5:51pm
Your cool and made my TC so I decided to stamp...A cool guy deserves a cool stamp and the only word I can describe you as is awesome..

Taillow Mega Banette
Feb 12, 07 12:06am

Double Decker Mega Banette
Jan 22, 07 7:32am
Blimey MS! I thought you'd have more stamps than... Just one :S

Consider this you're second

See ya around
Taillow Mega Banette
Jan 14, 07 5:20pm
I decided to sign since no else really did.

Here ya go!

beast009 Mega Banette
Jan 08, 07 8:37pm

i was the seccond and i cant stand to see some 1 like you with one signin it kills me a nice gut no signs or 1 so here ya go
cafu2 Mega Banette
Nov 04, 06 2:08am
you seem like a cool guy and since you have no signs then i thought i'll be first here you go