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Anyone here play any online games that use an in-game voice chat system? Sure you have. When you play those games, do you

Mega Banette
Jul 02, 15 3:58pm
One week and I'll finally be meeting Squiggle ShinyMilotic and Nix. "Excited" doesn't even cut it!
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Jul 01, 15 3:12am

Like seriously, I've met some amazing people from here and it's all thanks to Pokémon. What things do you appr

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Jun 27, 15 6:01pm

Water is always good, though sometimes you get sick of water. What do you like to drink? What are your preferred hot and c

Mega Banette
Jun 25, 15 3:39am
bruhfesa oke says wil pokeman apearin tal grash, is unsaif. Squiggle
Mega Banette
Jun 24, 15 9:10pm
Yoshi's Woolly World is sahh cute.
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Jun 23, 15 11:23pm

Credit where it's due. Thanks for the idea @Amsey. SO. PokeLounge. The big M. Committing yourself to someone else for

Mega Banette
Jun 23, 15 10:19pm
I don't care how hot she looks. Some guy, somewhere in this world, is sick of her shit.
Mega Banette
May 06, 15 6:46am
I don't know about you, but I'm NOT feeling 22 ANYMORE.
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Apr 29, 15 1:07am

Okay PL. Let's play a game. --Spoiler-- Add up everything you've done and post your total. $66.50. Damn

Amsey Mega Banette
Apr 29, 15 12:06am
This change is weird
Mega Banette
Apr 28, 15 11:37pm
I suck at hiatuses.
Vast Mega Banette
Apr 27, 15 1:28pm
bruh where's ur avatar
Mega Banette
Apr 21, 15 3:25am
Gahh not being able to drive sucks, thankfully I've only gotta withstand this for another 2 weeks.
Mega Banette
Apr 11, 15 2:39pm
Mega Banette
Apr 11, 15 5:13am
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Apr 01, 15 12:11am

PokéLounge, do you even lift? Seriously though does anyone here routinely exercise or work out, and if so, what do

Mega Banette
Mar 31, 15 3:26am
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Mar 31, 15 3:01am

Hey guys. I take it a lot of you are smartphone users. Which apps do you regularly use and what do you use them for/what d

Mega Banette
Feb 27, 15 11:37pm
Alcohol + Smeesh + Skype = LOLZ


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