Good Games

Armored core 3-Silent Line
Ace Combat 1-4
Ghost Recon
Jedi Starfighter
Thunderstrike: Operation Pheonix
Seek and Destroy
Aero Elite:Combat Academy 4

I try to wargame with miniatures but all I do is build models

I WILL be a US ARMY helicopter Little Bird/Black hawk pilot

But for now I'll enjoy just being crew chief


And remember on a scale from one to awsome, I'm super great.
"I am so glad you have come to die with me, we will get to be smitherines together." Caboose
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Review: Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies - Ace Combat 4

Mar 17, 2003

If you don't own a flight sim this is the one to get and if you are a flight simmer you better already have it. My name is Sean, and I'm a Flight Simmer

Sean Thomas

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