Jan 22, 10 6:03am
Currently in the process of re-recording FFVI videos :)
Oct 21, 09 10:58pm
says: " Infallible by nature."
Sep 13, 09 7:57pm
says: "2 and a half hours into the fight with Demifiend... and Samarecarm :suicide:"
Sep 1, 09 3:36am
says: " Contemplating writing an SMT1 (SNES) guide"
Mcilrath blogged
Aug 28, 09 7:18am

Words fail me over this video. This very video:

Johnny Cash... Drums...

Oh, and yeah the guy playing sucks... Azeman could probably sightread FC this song...

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Aug 27, 09 6:29am
says: "Yggdra Union? I'll give it a whirl"
Mcilrath blogged
Aug 26, 09 6:12pm

quote System (a.k.a. Quierta by proxy)
Due to some breach of rules, unacceptable behaviour, or other reason, your account has been banned from posting messages from the Pokémon Diamond Clans forum.

The reason given for this ban follows:

You are banned from this forum for failure to heed past warnings regarding your behavior.

You report rule breaking all the time, yet seem to have this idea that you are exempt from them yourself - you're not. It doesn't matter if you started the fight, simply joining in is just as bad, especially when you've been warned not to do so in the past - more than once.
Ban Expiration: Sep 04 2009 08:54PM GMT
Baww. Baww. Ba-wait;

You report rule breaking all the time, yet seem to have this idea that you are exempt from them yourself - you're not.
Exemption? Since when did I give that impression? I do not comprehend. I'm more than aware I'm not exempt; the difference between me and every sad bastard on that forum (which means every last person from Pokeman Master through to Quierta herself... with limited exceptions (and by that I mean 2 exceptions)) is that I don't give a crap.

Oh, and whilst I remember, in the event that this post gets... "closed"... I'll just repost it, and utilise it as proof that Neoseeker is, indeed, fascist.

neoseeker related baww
Aug 25, 09 5:44am
says: " Bored~"
Mcilrath blogged
Aug 25, 09 5:25am

I've used this thing more over the past three days than I have at all other occurrences (I cannot spell that word for shit; gotta love Firefox's British-English spell checker) since its inception. Combined. For those keeping score at home, this is my 7th "blogging" over the past 3 days.

Why is this? No fucking clue, but it's time for a change in the name I think. Yeah, yeah, I changed it to "Do You Like My Wang?" days ago but that kind of reference gets lost on people and someone sent me a PM asking why I had a sexual innuendo title despite writing nonsensical ramblings of DS games. I promptly replied explaining how a Wang is a type of Macintosh computer and that "Do You Like My Wang?" is a song from the Freezepop album Future Future Future Perfect.

So, anyway, the new name: Einherjar. The name has a sneaky bearing on the actual content this time, as Einherjar is a weapon-item from Riviera: The Promised Land for the GBA (I added a few images of this to my gallery since I can't use Waffleimages outside of SA) but that's not where the term originated.

Einherjar is from Nordic mythos and means Lone Fighters. The Einherjar are those that fell in battle and were taken to Valhalla by the Valkries. Whilst at Valhalla, they eat the meat of the creature Sæhrímnir, which resurrects itself daily, and drink mead from the udders of Heiðrún. They constantly prepare for Ragnarök, during which they will do battle at the field of Vígríðr.

What relevance does any of this have with me? None whatsoever. I just love Norse mythology... Scratch that, I just love mythology. Most mythological references I am able to pick up on easily (I can excited as hell to find out that Tidus' celestial weapon, on Final Fantasy X, is a sword that is able to cut a hill in two - for example) and the ones that I don't is usually because it's insanely vague to the point of being all but non-existent (much like the number 13 in Japan for that matter).

Now that I've written about the things name for 4 paragraphs, I could just end this here but I'm beginning to hear this said in Yahtzee's voice somehow (Yahtzee being Ben "Zero Punctuation" Croshow from the Escapist) and that is pretty damn awesome.

When I updated the blog's name to Einherjar, I added a bit to the blog description (but no-one reads those anyway amirite?), about donating to me if you're that damn weird, as a joke... although I wouldn't mind taking your cash. I do need to buy the stuff I write about after all, for legal reasons and such and I've almost run out of interesting games to right about (the only other one I really have that you could call "interesting" is Psychonauts and I already reviewed it. I guess there's always my RTS games that no one likely cares about (Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Victoria etc. (yes I like Paradox)) but there's not much to write about with them...

I suppose I could do more podcasts or something, or maybe books? I dunno; I prefer to think of Retronauts as filler personally, but it's an idea. There's also activisting stuff I could about, I guess, but... blarg, give me ideas people.

I've spent this entire blog post thing writing about the blog... is that normal? I can't say I'm experienced in this matter (I actively avoided blogs until this one came around...) but it seems like they're mainly written by angsty bastards who are whining about how their life sucks and blahblahfuckingblah. I could do something like that, but nah. My life isn't a pile of rancid faecal matter... and I'm a British guy who plays video games for the internet (and writes about 'em too, to a lesser extent).

Oh, I guess there is something bad I can think of: with the exception of Quest64, the N64's RPGs all suck. I'm including Paper Mario and the Zelda stuff (Action RPGs) in that. Baww.

Mcilrath blogged
Aug 24, 09 9:15pm

As has been the case for years, there will always be someone who gets access to a game early and leaks as much about the game as they can. How much the leak consists of, depends entirely on two things: the morality of the lucky bastard, and the legal limits.

A few things have been confirmed that I do like though; forward compatibility for almost every WT/SH track, 10 minute long customs and the Matthew Bellamy rumour was confirmed (whilst I wouldn't say I like this for what it is, he's no KD after all, I would say I'd like this because it'll shut up people asking about it).

Now, for everything else other than how bland the box art is:

Over the past hour or so, I've been watching the videos on Youtube of the GH5 charts kindly uploaded by SchnackAttack69, and I'm now anticipating the UK release of this game much less than I was yesterday. The charts look crap over all for various reasons; Sweating Bullets by Megadeth, for example, has the worst chart I've ever seen since it's so horrendously inaccurate and is stupidly undercharted, and then we have the chart nicknamed Before I Forget v2.0 (the Children of Bodom song)...

I was, originally, going to get this on release date since it had the best setlist - in my opinion - since Smash Hits (who can fault a GH game that has Beast and the Harlot, Cult of Personality and Bark at the Moon?) but now I probably won't. If I do, it'll be to play Dueling Banjos and Satch Boogie on a better engine.

Oh, whilst I remember: Bring The Noise 20XX. Oh God, BtN20XX...



Now, either that's the stupidest re-recording in the history of ever or Neversoft went out of their way to intentionally slow the vocals down...

Et finalment: I'm still waiting for Guitar Hero 4 (Neversoft have said that GHWT =/= GHIV).

playstation 3 xbox 360 wii guitar hero 5 shitty charting
Aug 24, 09 9:40am
says: " Day 3 - Beldr... Well, shit"
Aug 24, 09 6:38am
is awesome. Ain't that the truth?
Mcilrath blogged
Aug 24, 09 6:34am

After spending a bit too long today on deciding what game I'd write about t some degree, I decided to do something a bit different. Since I haven't played anything I'd consider new over the past 24 hours for more than a few minutes (I tried Blue Dragon Plus... yeah, no) I decided to write about something different I tried new today; the gaming podcast Retronauts run by (I would presume) a staff member of (which I have never actually visited, and never intend to; I hear it's like IGN... ugh).

As is the case with most things, I first heard tell about this on SomethingAwful (big surprise there, right?) in the Gaming Podcast thread in the Games board and I figured I'd check it out since I have a lot of retro stuff myself, although I have nothing - and I do mean nothing - on these guys.

I only really listened to one "episode" (#74) but it was a celebratory episode for the approx. 20th anniversary of the Nintendo Gameboy, and what better way to celebrate than to talk about handheld gaming systems... apart from the Gameboy?

Maybe it's because of how much of a nerd I am but I absolutely loved it. I got most, if not all, of the jokes and I even learned about systems that I didn't even know existed. I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen at least once, just a bit of a warning; if you get the RSS feed, you can't seem to go back any earlier than episode 56. That may be my PSP dicking me around or something, but I don't think they're available without a separate download. It's gotta be worth it though.

And on a final note: gently caress you Pokeman/Pokemon Master, you're a loving stinkyhole, and I do believe this disproves your entire "writing solely about games" cow poo poo.

tv and shows gaming related retronauts
Mcilrath blogged
Aug 23, 09 8:10pm

Since the last game I played with a fusion system this addictive was Persona 3, I've found the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor fusion system to be just as addictive, if not moreso (it works on pretty much the same system as P3's when it's at its base). As a result, I'm used to seeing this kinda thing at high levels (like say 70+), but on SMTDS?

My main character is a mere level 19 and I just got *bleep*in' Thor. I had to cleverly utilise the Auction system to get him though, since I didn't have a spare Heqet and there wasn't one at the auction so I had to buy a Moh Shuyuu and an Ogun to fuse into Heqet which I then fused with a Makara (which I bought at the DA for about 320 macca; I had a little under 2k).

Alas, poor Thor is just a wee bit nerfed for being accessible from level 16 onwards seeing as how he only starts with Elec Dance, Counter and Awakening... the first two aren't available until he (Thor) reaches level 17 and 18 respectively, and Awakening is a tad useless without them. So, I decided to take use of his pitiful magic stat (it's 3) and gave him Bufu for the sake of it (Skill-Cracked at the Wendigo battle a while back, and I have a Wendigo of my own now; it's not that good IMO but it gives Atsuro another ice-related Demon so my team 3 is ice related to an extent; his other demon is an Angel with Ice Dance - magnetite is pretty handy).

Since Thor is a Norse God and all, he starts with a very nice strength of 17 which is the highest of all my characters (Wendigo is second with 16, but I boosted that a bit during fusion, and gave him Anti-Fire so he has no weakness) and so he's also going to be a good tank right? Well, his Vitality is 11 which is also more than anything else any character has (Atsuro and Wendigo are tied second with 9) so he's going to be pretty useful when he's not beating the ever loving crap out of the AI's wimpy Jack Frosts and Lilim's and shit. I gave him Taunt so that the AI directs its attacks towards him, which he can likely shrug off, and Knight Soul so that Yuzu doesn't get KO'd. Again. She is lagging behind on levels a bit; the main character is level 19 (minimum needed for Wendigo), Atsuro is level 18 and she's a mere level 16.

E; Oh, and I own a Pyro Jack with Ice Dance. Logic just got *bleep*.

ds gaming related thor mjolnir smtds shin megami tensei devil survivor
Mcilrath blogged
Aug 23, 09 12:59pm

*sigh* Another day, another crappy blog post about a game y'all likely don't care about (I'm basing this off of GMT times, so if it's not the 23rd yet for you, not my problem). This time, I'm pretty disappointed with the game though. Maybe I'm spoiled by games that are actually, what's the word... oh, yeah, good. Maybe I'm spoiled by good games lately, or maybe it's just another shitty game that can't live up to the hype but Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is a pretty bland game, and thus there isn't much I can say about it.

Yeah, yeah, I just got a great (and I do mean great) first impression from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (which I'm going to finish before I even consider touching another DS game after I'm done writing this) and I finally managed to acquire a working copy of Hotel Dusk, but I decided to spend some time doing other stuff first so as to not influence my opinion of this game. I probably shouldn't have taken that break.

When you've heard nothing but good things about a game, you expect it to be good right? Well, at the end of the day, Hotel Dusk is just bland. Sure, one can argue that maybe I don't see some deep philosophical context, or that I'm not far enough into the game yet (started about 3 hours ago, and just finished chapter 2) to appreciate how good it is, but there's something missing that is really affecting how much I enjoy this game. Perhaps, the streams and streams of positive reviews gave me such high expectations that this game just can't reach. Perhaps there's actually decent music in this game later. I don't know, I don't care, and I'm not inclined to find out.

Random background-y shit (read: filler):

After I got hooked on these types of games a very long time ago (years before Gyakuten Kenji even existed on the GBA) I've found them enthralling. As something of a puzzle game enthusiast, I do enjoy the challenges a mystery game can present and I've managed to finish every single one without looking at a guide of some kind because I revel in difficulty (as we established with SMTDS I'm an Atlus fanboy; if I dislike hard games I'd despise Atlus). Sure, one can argue I looked at court-records for case analysis, but I did that long after finishing Apollo Justice and... why is any of this relevant again? Right, mystery games on the DS.

Sometime last year (like October-ish), I heard someone mention a certain Phoenix Wright series and how good it was. Naturally, I checked it out because it's a series within my second favourite genre of games (my first being RPGs of course) and became hooked within the 20 minutes or so it took me to finish the very first case. A few days later, I got all three sequels and had them beat as well. I was pretty bored of my other games so I started looking for games that could pique my interest. I heard about Hotel Dusk. I tried to find a copy, and never once found anything. I even tried emulation, but that didn't work out since it crashes when you reach game play, and I couldn't get it to work on an R4 either so I all but gave up and forgot about it. I'd seen it mentioned a few times but never once cared enough to give it a look at (for various reasons).

Fast-forward to July this year, and you've got Time Hollow. As I mentioned at the end of my post on that, it's supposed to be good if you like Hotel Dusk and, well, I'm glad I played Time Hollow first. That manages to hook you right away and this... 2 chapters in and I'm bored of it already.

A few days ago, I wrote about Flower, Sun and Rain which I'd say was the most boring game of its kind I had played but at least it was still fun in some respect. This is worse.

Now, I may not be far enough in to judge the game properly but as I have no inclination of finishing it, I don't intend to give the game a proper review (I already have a few to write anyway, I'm just a lazy git). As you may have gathered, I write most of these based on my first impressions and I guess I've just been playing good games lately. I made a jokey comment about Lock's Quest at the end of Time Hollow, and I can sum that game up right here and now: desktop tower defence DS. There's nothing to write about, really, so I didn't bother with it.

I'm kinda getting off-topic here, so if you've actually read all this way through I'd like an unbiased opinion from you: should I give Hotel Dusk a second chance or not (after SMT of course), and why? Any fanboy/hater opinions (and those from the people fortunate enough to be on my blocked list for various reasons, such as being whiny bitches, spamming me with nonsensical drivel or existing) will be ignored, and yes I'm aware of the irony in that I'm ignoring fanboy opinions and I spent a few paragraphs drooling over Atlus' unrivalled awesome mere hours ago.

There was one thing else I was going to say. Umm... oh yeah, since I recently closed my Youtube account for a little "test", I have a spare just sitting around doing nothing. Should I convert these little posts into mini-videos or not? I almost definitely won't, since I lack the awesome vocals of RandomDCE or Yahtzee, but since these aren't reviews so much as a British nerd's first impression of a game I figured I might as well ask the community, since you're the ones reading this stuff after all.

ds musingsthoughts hotel dusk room 215 hotel dusk random bullshit 2 questions guyz
Aug 23, 09 7:15am
Naoya is awesome. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.
Mcilrath blogged
Aug 23, 09 7:13am

What is it lately with me and DS games? No idea, but I'm an Atlus fanboy through and through (I've even played Shin Megami Tensei: If..., which is a game most people don't even know exists; I don't think it's even on Neo's database - that's how unknown it is) and when I found out Devil Survivor had been localised I just had to acquire a copy for myself.

I found out, and acquired it this morning. I started playing straight away. 8 hours later, I hadn't stopped yet. It is THAT immersive. I'm not particularly far in (not even finished Day 2 yet!) but I'm loving everything about it so far; it seems to me that it takes the best from every series (Shin Megami Tensei, Persona and Digital Devil Saga) and uses them to create what I would consider to be the best DS game released to date (I used to think it was TWEWY... that cannot even come close to SMTDS in my (arguably biased) opinion).

The easiest way for me to describe it at the moment is Fire Emblem meets Atlus. There's arguably an easier way to describe it, but damned if I can think of one. It's an SRPG with an awesome as hell plot but when you get the battles between teams (done via the SRPG system) it effectively becomes RPG Maker VX's battle system, which is the worst battle system ever created in my opinion. Granted, every game has its flaws but this one is more than overlookable.

For an Atlus game, it doesn't seem that grind oriented... yet. I may be overleveled though, since I have stopped to Macca grind twice to make the most of the Demon Auction to fuse several badass Demons. I managed to get the first Megami class Demon on Day One so I might be ahead of the curve just a bit but it'll bite me in the ass eventually. I remember Nix... Oh god, do I remember Nix. Cruising along overleveled and then *boom* 13 phase boss fight.

Err, anyway enough reminiscing of Persona 3 (FES). I'll definitely write a full review when I'm done. Heck, this was arguably starting to become a mini one >_>

(Box art, this time, shamelessly stolen from Neoseeker. The watermark is probably present too since I'm a lazy git <_<)

ds shin megami tensei devil survivor smtds atlus fanboyism
Mcilrath blogged
Aug 23, 09 4:48am

Since I've been ill the past few days, I've been playing an assortment of random games but none were more captivating than Breath of Fire III. That said, why the hell is this not about the PSX legend I never played before? Simple: honeymustard.

Honeymustard is a fellow SA goon and sometime recently finished their LP of Flower, Sun and Rain for the Nintendo DS. I never read the thread beyond the initial update since I thought it looked rather boring but I gave it a second chance when it was added to the LPArchive and found it pretty entertaining to read, so I went out and bought the game (bear in mind, this was like 2 weeks ago) and never actually got around to playing it... until this morning.

I found the game to be highly captivating, despite the slow start, and - even though I haven't finished it yet - it keeps getting better as the game progresses. Much like Time Hollow, it's a puzzle/mystery game so fans of Hotel Dusk (which I still need to play...) will likely enjoy it. I'll likely finish FSR sometime soon, and when I do I'll likely write an actual review on it (I should do the same with TH now that I think about it...) so if anyone cares about that, it might happen, it might not (most likely not since I'm a lazy git, but eh, it's an idea).

fsr flower sun and rain ds
Aug 23, 09 12:57am
Soloing Nix... Yeah, I'm officially Insane

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