Kudzuka Maxwell Atoms
Aug 4, 08 5:27am
and I though my jokes were bad....

Maxwell, signing ur guestbook, its a blast posting with u in the Dark Knight forum. Hope to run into in another forum someday, keep postin'.

The Legendary Kudzuka has signed ur guestbook-live long and prosper
Jacknife Maxwell Atoms
Oct 25, 07 4:59am
Okay, since I'm bored, I've decided to go on a mass signing-spree, signing all of my neopal's guestbooks. So, here you go.

I, Jacknife, being of sound mind and good health, do hereby officially sign this guestbook.

Red Steel Maxwell Atoms
Sep 19, 07 1:19am
Hey! You signed my G-Book! Thanks alot! Nice to know that there are some other people that at least KNOW who who Daft Punk are much less like them! You're one of my Neo-Friends now too so, thanks for chatting, hope we'll talk more.