Its time for my random guestbook signing.
your the Fourth . I don`t know you but from what I herd, your cool. I say hi, now I say bye,
peace...( \\// )
tananhk (_||_)
Hi, a bit of a belated signing after you signed my guestbook 3 months ago after I made you your Lucario stamp. So, here it is.

No stamp at this moment in time, you might see it here at Christmas as you've been added to my 'Signing List' for Christmas.

So till then, bye!
hey, thanks for being such a good friend
i made this stamp, you like it?

you are a really good TC maker, one of the best on neo ^^ Keep it up

and here keep my banner as my stamp for now

omg lol hey!

Im here signing your guestbook because even though weve known eachother for like 2 days weve become good freinds


OMG thanks for signing my Guestbook! Im trying to reach 10 pages before my Neo-B Day. Anyways, we have only known each other for.. 2 Days?

Hey maxman!
Whats up?
Your guestbook seems pretty empty lol
Well, i can't be talking either, ha ha.
You should really join my clan its awesome!!
Well, besides that...
U have been shot by my...

Taste cinnamon and apples,Maxman!
That's why my name is DiamondMaster11, for i am the Master of Diamond!!

take my identity again, and Lucario will take care of you....... lol sign back

Thanks for the message
Sign back

Thanks for voting in the Pokémon Diamond Awards!

Christofizz wuz here, Christofizz also owns Maxman, and he know it . Don't for get to check up on the store every now and again, to see if anyone wants anything from you.
Heelo Max, sorry i dun have a stamp Oh well! just listening to we will rock you. Magikarp, use splash to kill maxman, magikarp use hyper beam, what do umean? u dont have hyper beam? USE SPLAHS THEN YOU NOOOOOB
hey neo-brother
you are awesome and i ACTUALLY HAVE known you since i came to neoseeker

Now be awed by my awesome stamp!

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I hope the both of us don't ever have a fight and we keep going on neoseeker! I hope to have lots of trades and chat's with you!
You're a really cool Friend! even though we don't talk face to face!