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19 hours ago Woohoo! Not only is it Friday but it's Labo

20 hours ago
I'm feeling social!
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2 days ago There has been a number superhero movies and shows ove

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Aug 31, 15 11:12am

Right now my life is pretty much on limbo since I'm waiting to go back home and I don't really have anything to do du

Aug 21, 15 8:28pm
Aug 18, 15 9:40am
I'm so close to Mega Evolving....
Aug 17, 15 9:56am
Robin x Tharja
Aug 14, 15 11:22am
Senpai?! SENPAI?! Has anyone seen my senpai?
Aug 13, 15 8:34am
It's Thursday and I'm watching a video of two insects trying to kill each other while playing pokemon yellow. Not a bad day imo.
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Aug 13, 15 8:04am

Just checking to see how many people on Neo know about this game. Alright, we're all going on a trip to _Goldenrod City_

Aug 08, 15 7:19am
Guess who just bought Final Fantasy Type-0 and Watch Dogs. *Points thumbs up* This guy!
Aug 06, 15 12:21pm
Oh god, Japanese Hip hop.
Aug 06, 15 7:27am
Everyday Life with Monster Girls, that is all.
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Aug 05, 15 11:22am

Does anyone remember what job they really wanted back when they were younger or are currently aspiring towards? I can tel

Aug 04, 15 11:23am
Everyone! Please congratulate dirkj825 for his subscription to Neo+!!!!
Aug 04, 15 9:32am
And now I'm watching cat videos at work. Today's gonna be a good day.
Aug 03, 15 2:40pm
So yeah, my Snickers is frozen solid after like 15 mins in the freezer.
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Aug 03, 15 9:00am Right now I'm on my lunch break. Post

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Jul 31, 15 10:00am
Jul 31, 15 9:45am
Let's go on a Clear Pipe Cruise through the Big Bounce Byway, over the Double Cherry Pass and meet up at the Great Goal Pole

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