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Question to those who are experienced in relationships. What does falling in love feel like to you? I've recently felt a

Cloud Mawile
How do you even pronouce Mareiwle xD .
Happy Monday, my fellow Neoseekers!
TheMrTmanB Mawile
Jul 23, 15 1:03pm
I remember playing my first mafia game witj you... you kept trying to kill me XD
Jul 22, 15 9:51am
Jul 19, 15 10:30am
Uh, I hate ear infections...
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Jul 16, 15 10:08am

Going off of the thread for team names has anyone decided on what starters you'll pick? I'm pretty set on Snivy an

Jul 15, 15 10:29am
I can not wait for the release of Pokemon SUPER Mystery Dungeon.
Jul 15, 15 10:18am
Mawile rises from his watery grave.
Jun 07, 15 9:00am
Just bought a Wii U! Too bad I have nothing to play it on... NoHDMIInput
Pokefan12_2004 Mawile
Dec 11, 14 10:12pm
Mawile Sorry I am back online.
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Dec 01, 14 10:40am

I've been taking a Spanish 101 class this semester and recently I got sick with a nasty flu which made sit out 2 days of

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Nov 29, 14 12:37pm

Has anybody been participating in any of the contests so far? They've gotten a lot harder than I used to remember, I just

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Nov 27, 14 11:07am

Hi, I need to transfer my Destiny Knot from Y to AS. I'm not if I have anything that you'd want, I can offer my life

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Nov 22, 14 8:55am

Have you guys been to the Dewford Hall yet to see what's currently trending? For now, my trendy phrase is Diancite Dan

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Nov 21, 14 1:54pm

Title says it all, I need someone to help me transfer an egg over to my AS

Nov 12, 14 11:01am
I get paid on the 20th! A day before ORAS come out! megamawile
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Nov 06, 14 7:44am

Sage (Alakazam) (M) @ Life Orb Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Psyshock - Hidden Power

Nov 04, 14 9:28am
Seriously!? I get more notifications here on Neo than I do on Facebook.
Nov 03, 14 1:06pm
I am... The Marvelous Mawile! Enemies shake in fear at my... marvelous... ness.

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