I recently just purchased Pokemon Dream Radar on my 2DS and had a question about sending Pokemon to BW2. When the Pokemon are

Ever since Platinum, we've always been exchanging colored shards in order to teach pokemon moves they normally wouldn&

As you can tell from the Gengar, this is pretty much a Hex Rain team with everyone besides Medicham using a move that inflict

Feed me Pokepuffs!

Like the title says, a friend and I are looking for people who'd like to have a casual multi battles with.

I just got the latest update for my Nintendo 2DS and got a free download for some game called Steel Diver, does anyone know w

Does anyone have a favorite place in the Pokemon Games, maybe you like to listen to the background music of a certain city or

Zzzz.... *Drools*
School Food Punishment
School Food Punish
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On a journey that decides the fate of the entire worl... I mean region
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Why do we pit our pokemon against each other in such meaningless battles?
Pkmn Trainer Torrey wants to battle!
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