Mawile Sorry I am back online.

I've been taking a Spanish 101 class this semester and recently I got sick with a nasty flu which made sit out 2 days of

Has anybody been participating in any of the contests so far? They've gotten a lot harder than I used to remember, I just

Hi, I need to transfer my Destiny Knot from Y to AS. I'm not if I have anything that you'd want, I can offer my life

Have you guys been to the Dewford Hall yet to see what's currently trending? For now, my trendy phrase is Diancite Dan

Title says it all, I need someone to help me transfer an egg over to my AS

I get paid on the 20th! A day before ORAS come out! megamawile

Sage (Alakazam) (M) @ Life Orb Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Psyshock - Hidden Power

Seriously!? I get more notifications here on Neo than I do on Facebook.
I am... The Marvelous Mawile! Enemies shake in fear at my... marvelous... ness.
La La Larks! 28:00

Just recently an acquaintance (female, obviously) tried popping a razor bump on my face, mistaking it for a pimple. Funny eno

There was once a legendary hero, who stood for truth and justice as a symbol. He never backed down no matter how big the threat, such a hero this world will never forget. This is the story of that same hero.

Like the title says, have you guys planned out your teams for ORAS or are you just wingin it? Team so far: Sceptile Came

I just got finished watching an episode of Tom and Jerry( The old cartoon, not the new one) and laughing at almost every sing

Has anyone noticed all these new movies coming out based on popular video games, I know there's going to be a movie for S

Just this morning I found a giant cockroach waiting for me in the shower. Now if there's one thing I like about having an

Does anyone think that Game Freak is going to include the slot machines in the Hoenn remakes?

Back in 2004, shortly after the release of Ruby and Sapphire, came the release of Pokemon Colosseum, with a sequel released a

I just got home from Panda Express and finished pigging out on chow mein and orange chicken. :ashamed: If you guys like to

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