Just this morning I found a giant cockroach waiting for me in the shower. Now if there's one thing I like about having an

Does anyone think that Game Freak is going to include the slot machines in the Hoenn remakes?

Back in 2004, shortly after the release of Ruby and Sapphire, came the release of Pokemon Colosseum, with a sequel released a

I just got home from Panda Express and finished pigging out on chow mein and orange chicken. :ashamed: If you guys like to

I just need it to complete my dex, I'll offer up my event Suicune as collateral.

I'm looking for Safari Pokemon to complete the national dex, i only have around 70 to go! My Fc is in my sig. Pokemon

Bites and Kisses!
Working on Nat. Dex! Currently at 517 obtained!
Working on Nat. Dex! Currently at 507 obtained!

I recently just purchased Pokemon Dream Radar on my 2DS and had a question about sending Pokemon to BW2. When the Pokemon are

Ever since Platinum, we've always been exchanging colored shards in order to teach pokemon moves they normally wouldn&

As you can tell from the Gengar, this is pretty much a Hex Rain team with everyone besides Medicham using a move that inflict

Feed me Pokepuffs!

Like the title says, a friend and I are looking for people who'd like to have a casual multi battles with.

I just got the latest update for my Nintendo 2DS and got a free download for some game called Steel Diver, does anyone know w

Does anyone have a favorite place in the Pokemon Games, maybe you like to listen to the background music of a certain city or

Zzzz.... *Drools*
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