Thanks for sigining my guestbook. Sorry for the delay i had loads of revision to do. Anyway, i grant you one sexy stamp

Hey hey! I hope you enjoy this one!

Thanks for stamping my GB And yeah we can be neo buds

I dont have a Stamp at the moment but when i get one Ill stamp you Ight.
Just passing through...

I cannot believe I have not signed it already.

jhdsnjkfk hdiuoefwhAOFUK SAhfuio
Here's a stamp to make up for the b-day stamp that doesn't work hope you like it.

happy b day

happy b day
happy b day
happy b day
Here your late B-Day stamp I promised you hope you like it.

Well here it is finished and ready for people to be stamped.

Thanks for signing my Guestbook! Your Nintendo Wii stamp is so cool!!! I've seen you a few times before, and you seem really nice. I'd like to be Neofriends if it's alright with you.

Well, I'm done. Bye!

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

Not the best stamp, but all I have is MSPaint…

Don't exactly know you, but hey, you signed my g'book.


hope your Wii kicks wiiniis.
Nobody will ever pii again!
It's that time of year and heres a stamp. Have a good one.
hey i forgot to sign your guestbook sorry i'm a few months late

to bad barry bonds might leave the giants

happy holidays
Im signing like you wanted.....sign away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

la la la I am "singing" your book like your sig said ead:
Seeya on the forums

sign back if u dont i will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD
Hi mattyo! I'm Sushikikko and I just randomly dropped by to sign your guestbook!^~^...Sooo...err...could you please sign my guestbook for me too?^w^And see you in the forums! Bye Bye! ********Sob**Sob*********
Too lazy to put a stamp
~Sushi ^~^

Read your siggy and thought I might as well drop by! ^^. Thats about it so yeah ^^. Oh, by the way...

i sighn yo guest book again


uyg dam rules snglksdjfhgkdfglkdfglkdnhfkdfgkdhfkdhfgdjkfgkjdnhf 125

I'm giving you one of my favorite spawns to you "Angel Spawn."
Just doin' what the sig says man.

Well I'm sorry but I'm too damn lazy to put a stamp. Here's my best stamp: STAMP. YOU HAVE BEEN STAMPED BY A DIRTY BASTARD NAMED -

just whant to say hi and sign your guest book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey! i saw the link in your signature so i'll just sign your guestbook because you don't have a lot. )=

i see you like chamillionaie.. here's a stamp ~~~

bye bye now!!

Saw that u had ur link to the guestbook in ur signature, so i thought I may as well sign. What the hay.