Hi again Neo. It's been a while.
It's my Birthdayyy. -3-

Getting right into "For Glory" mode when I got the game, I noticed in my 1v1 matches, people would always taunt fir

Alright Neoseeker, Ive turned to you for advice before, but that was for video games. Today is serious, and I'm turning t

Mommy, whats N+?

What you're about to read is going to blow your mind. I just got my hands on a folder full of SSB4 Textures Ripped fro

All fancy now. It's like Duck Hunt is shooting at my profile ^3^

I wasn't around Neoseeker when Brawl was popular, and I keep seeing all these people say they know each other from Brawl

http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/783907/907/49/zlcfzskiye8egm40qj6bkAT_display.png IS THIS THE REAL LIFE

Is this like a Hangout Forum? I've never seen it before. It's pretty sweet.

=http://local-static2.forum-files.fobby.net/forum_attachments/0037/0852/asdadasdads.PNG= I'm torn on where to put this

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