Oh I didn't see ya there I was just too busy mmmmBlockin' out the haters. Alright, if one term bugs me the most, i

While Threehouse is busy playing Megaman 77 or whatever, I've been busy downloading this baby >:3 I'll be playi

http://mii-gamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/super-smash-bros-character-roster-leak.jpg http://www.smashbros.com/sp/image

Not sure if the abput the policies on this forum, or if I can even mention X/Y here. Because I know some forums have pretty s

Heres the situation. (Assuming you have a AZs Floette.) Here you are with this illegally obtained FLoette. You see other p

Heres the situation. (Assuming you have a Diance) Here you are with this illegally obtained Diance. You see other pokemon.

Me likey new ganon.
Yaaaay! Signature! :D
Uhhhhm.... I made a really neat forum signature, but its on my desktop, how do I get it onto here?


For the next hour, or untill 5:00 Am PT I'll be cloning pokemon! Here are the rules :D ~ If I already have the poke

http://e3.nintendo.com/_ui/images/amiibo/group.jpg At E3, Nintendo announced a product that will be compatible with the

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