This game crafted some amazing memories for me. MarioParty N64
Amazing platformer. And hilarious. GexEnterTheGecko PSX
The start to the amazing Silent Hill series. Still creepy today. SilentHill PSX
Ah... The one that started the wonderful Spyro series. At least the first three were awesome. SpyroTheDragon PSX
I loved it. Spent many hours playing all the fun that is Monopoly. :D Monopoly PSX
Meh. Okay for ONE playthrough.. MedalOfHonorFrontline PS2
Cool, but REALLY overated... A lot. FrenzyPop iPhone
The one that started it all. Brawl is out now. SuperSmashBros N64
Still my all time favorite game. ResidentEvil4 PS2
Still never finished... FinalFantasyX PS2
Amazing Racing Game. Played so many hours. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
Amazing survival horror game with one of the best stories in a game ever. Made me cry at the end. SilentHill2 PS2
I once played 215 games straight with my grandma on the Vs awhile back. :P MarioKart64 N64
Great sequel to one of the greatest games ever made. TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask N64
Better than the original. MarioParty2 N64
A great buy for the N64. ResidentEvil2 N64
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