Welcome to my Neohome.

NAME: Matt v1 A.K.A Matt
AGE: 17
SEX: Male
MUSIC INTERESTS: Metal ( heavy, death, thrash, power,etc.)
ACCOMPLISHMENT: #10 top poster on Music Forum
HOBBIES: Music, Games
FAVOURITE GAMES: FarCry, Half Life2 , Postal 2, Manhunt, Max Payne 1 & 2, Vice City, Counterstrike, Psi Ops, etc.
FAVOURITE SAYING: "Nuke the Whales!"

Thank you to PH34RME for helping me make this sweet Neohome!

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    Favourite Bands

  • All That Remains Anthrax As I Lay Dying At The Gates Avenged Sevenfold Black Sabbath The Black Dahlia Murder Bleeding Through Caliban Cannibal Corpse Carcass Children of Bodom Dark Tranquillity Dragonforce God Forbid Hammerfall In Flames Iron Maiden Killswitch Engage Lamb of God Mastodon Megadeth Metallica Manowar Norther Pantera Shadows Fall Slipknot Soilwork Sonata Arctica Spinal Tap Spiritual Beggars The Haunted Trivium Unearth Nile Cattle Decapitation Black Label Society Arch Enemy Bruce Dickinson Decapitated Fozzy Stratovarius

  • Matt's List
    Of Cool People on NEO

    666 FenriZ 666 , Cobra2, Chief 99 , ph34rme, Cdemon, GTA3helper2002, Weekend Warrior, Charade, LordMaximus, Final Fantasy Master, Madman25,Coolgames130, Revolution27, and if you read this and want on my list just pm me!

My Current Favourite CD

Matt v1's Most Hated: FallenHero, Tec 9, DRAGON CLOUD