styx Matt v1
Jan 16, 07 1:22pm
check out the new heaven shall burn album (deaf to our prayers)

counterweight is a kick ass song, lyrics are great and metalcore is fanatstic music

you'll love it!

may the Buddha enlighten you and may the Aesir grant you strenght

GTA3helper2002 Matt v1
Dec 01, 06 11:41pm
Happy Birthday man, officially an adult now. Hope you get some good stuff for your birthday: such as METAL. Keep on being Metal man.

See ya.
Punk100 Matt v1
Nov 23, 06 6:31pm
i Think your matt hardy fan to maybe we can be frends so here a stamp
hyperion45 Matt v1
Mar 22, 06 1:45pm
me singing back cos you think i am cool and cos you signed mine so here is a stamp
Gratis666 Matt v1
Dec 16, 05 3:44pm
Holy *bleep* dude, I saw that you signed my guestbook ages ago, but I never signed back. Well I am now. I've seen you around the Music forum and like good Death metal bands like Nile and Aborted. So BAM.
Gratis666 Matt v1
Dec 16, 05 3:44pm
Holy *bleep* dude, I saw that you signed my guestbook ages ago, but I never signed back. Well I am now. I've seen you around the Music forum and like good Death metal bands like Nile and Aborted. So BAM.
Akiva Matt v1
Dec 06, 05 7:23am
Be happy for thou has thy guest book signeth! Sign back!

The False Pumpkin Matt v1
Nov 02, 05 2:08am




Kid Clutch Matt v1
Oct 29, 05 7:36pm
I love pulling stuff like I did with my old sig. People got mad at me though Well anyway, be stamped.

Take care.
final fantasy master Matt v1
Oct 11, 05 3:28pm
Yeah, it's about time Arch Enemy comes to Toronto! And they are the main Event! And it's going to be a sick show!! I'm buying my tickets as soon as they are on sale!
sloprano Matt v1
Sep 17, 05 6:56am
hell yeah! demons and *bleep*in wizards rule man! glad to see they finally got their own thread. they deserved it. good to see you there.

just thought I'd pop in for a friendly hello.

Ghettomusick Matt v1
Aug 19, 05 1:44am
I have seen you all over Neoseeker! You sound like a cool person plus you have good tastes in music! Here is a stamp!

~ I got Peas on my head but dont call me a pea-head
Bees on my head but dont call me a bee-head
Bruce Lees on my head but dont call me a lee-head
Now excuse please, I gots to get my tree fed
You wear name brands I make my own clothing
I hang out with an apple who loves self loathing
Apple: I hate myself
Pancake on my face makes me extra happy
I like shampoo bottles that sit on my lappy
Cuz its my show you cant tell me what to do
When life gives me lemons i make beef stew
Now its time for me to go you know im gonna rock it
I put bologna in my left pocket
Smear some cream cheese in my gold locket
Cuz its my show im andy milinokis
Its my show im smandy smilismokis
Its my show im andy milinokis
black ied peas Matt v1
Aug 18, 05 11:49pm
I see you around Music forumso heres a stamp. Just remember to return the favour^_^

Run Forest, Run!!!Bill Cosby's coming and he's got jello!!!
bl3nd3r Matt v1
Aug 02, 05 9:34am

Actual bl3nd3rvill3 resident quote:

"I don't want to go to London. I can't stand London and all the Londoneers or whatever the hell you call the people there! It's outrageous I say! An OUTRAGE! Yes, that's what I meant! *bleep*!"
Bubbster Matt v1
Jul 31, 05 7:57am
You have awesome tast in music, which definately deserves a G-Book signing.

madman25 Matt v1
Jul 25, 05 2:01pm
Hey man, sorry for the late reply. I havent checked my g-book in months! That pic is pretty sweet looking! I'm not a big fan of KSE but that's pretty cool.

Lookin' forward to new CHILDREN OF BODOM!

Dan Mumford Matt v1
Jun 23, 05 9:22pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook!

This is my 100% brand new stamp, made by...ME! Enjoy...

See ya around!
Entropy Matt v1
Jun 21, 05 11:55am
Damn, you're lucky, the most sexy seeker of all is about to sign your Guestbook, ok here we go:

First some good news

But I also have some bad news for you...

I'm sorry

Just remember me by this pic of ultimate sexappeal:


Brought to you by Hitman3™ ©®

GTA3helper2002 Matt v1
Jun 20, 05 4:43am
Yeah Matt, your my dad and a damn good one at that because you enjoy the same music as well. metal rules...hands askin for the dots? dont they take up space or something? niceness. oh yeah emo sucks and punk is still dead...thank you thank you, see ya later

FenriZ 666 Matt v1
Jun 19, 05 6:33pm

The new dawn of a synthetic age

All hail the Black Dawn Korporation as new monochromatic vision leader

Fenriz 2005

The Rock Bottom Matt v1
Jun 15, 05 11:51pm
Hi man, thanks for signing my guestbook. Other bands I like include Linkin Park, Lostprophets, System of a Down, Korn, Slipknot, The Music, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, P.O.D., Incubus, Trust Co. & Papa Roach. I'll see you around man, The Rock Bottom.
P.S.: That sick Jacko prick signed u 2 huh? Don't worry, I told him if I ever meet him I'd batter him like a *bleep*ing sausage.
Jacko Jackson Matt v1
Jun 15, 05 10:57pm
Howdy there you fine child. As you may know, two days ago I was found not guilty of all my charges. It just comes to show you I can get away with anything I want. Which is why I want you to spend the night with me at Neverland. I'm throwing a "party" and all kids are invited. Every child deserves a spot in my bed. As long as you keep your dirty mouth shut to the press, we can become best friends. Maybe if you're lucky...we can share the same sleeping bag.

Use you imagination. Then make that imagination...a reality.

Love Always,
GTA Addict Matt v1
Jun 15, 05 5:13am
Yeah KsE is awesome and so are all the other bands we all like. A7X's new album is freaking awesome! Anyways it's been cool talking to you on the forums and all so I'll see you around.

Cdemon Matt v1
Jun 14, 05 6:21pm
AVRIL R0X AND J00 NO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 Nah, I like some of her acoustic songs. Is that a crime?
The Doggfather Matt v1
Jun 14, 05 5:29pm
Yah, i do really love killswitch engage

Thanx alot for signing my guestbook. See ya around the forums !