Everybody to the limit THE CHEAT IS TO THE LIMIT everybody say come on fhqwhgads. read more

>Sees moon falling
>Thinks there's news of Majora's Mask 3D

My disappointment is gut wrenching. read more

Just witnessed a man cosplay in Ryuuko. It was not the tame version. I want to go home. :(
Rockin' at AFA. Got myself a signed Egoist poster.
Yeeeeeeeeeees! Neo T-Shirt incoming! Thanks so much Dynamite and apologies to Gotenks!

My god. It's been ages since I watched those. Like, 10 years. Do they still make them? read more

started a discussion titled "Most Likely to Succeed" in Anime
likes Enth's status update: "Very happy! My official Neoseeker t-shirt just arrived in the post ^^"

And your profile is looking good. Mine isn't exactly manly. Haha. read more

Of course. See you around the forums! Hope I see you around anime. PM me if you have more questions or you want to talk. read more

Which picture? The one at the top of my profile? If so, there is a small cog icon on the top right when you enter your profile page which you can click to edit your header. Let me know. read more

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