Possible Aria sequel and Blu-Ray release!? NEO-VENEZIA SAIKO!
Happy New Year from Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto!
Seasons greetings from Japan!
Dark Souls 2 Co-op with Lorx nets me 16 second lag. Hilarity ensues.
Just witnessed a man cosplay in Ryuuko. It was not the tame version. I want to go home. :(
Rockin' at AFA. Got myself a signed Egoist poster.
Yeeeeeeeeeees! Neo T-Shirt incoming! Thanks so much Dynamite and apologies to Gotenks!

Nothing feels more overkill in Dark Souls 2 than fighting three on one against the Old Dragonslayer. REVENGE ORNSTEIN. REVENGE FOR HAVING SMOUGH HELP YOU AGAINST LITTLE OL' ME. WHO'S ALONE NOW.
Pre-Loading Dark Souls 2. My anticipation boils over.
I'm tired of waiting for Dark Souls 2 PC. Where's my XBox when I need it. :(
I got readdicted to the OP of Ghost in the Shell. It's too catchy!
Final Episode of Kill la Kill finished! TENGEN TOPPA GAMAGOORI IRA!!!!!!!!!
Turning 24 tomorrow. Kinda feels like 23 went quick.
Just spent a crazy night in Tokyo.
Happy new year, and to a great year for anime!
Merry Christmas and happy looting, Neo. May the RNG forever work in your favor. :)
Whoever gave me Neo+, extra Merry Christmas to you. :)
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