Jun 05, 15 12:53am
Going on a 4000 mile bike trip through Asia!
Mastix blogged
Jun 05, 15 12:52am

My brother and I are going on a bike trip! It will span 3800 miles, heading from Mongolia to Thailand. Anyone who'd like to follow my trip should totally look at our blog: It's gonna be a long one. Lorx, Amy, watch over anime while I'm gone? It's gonna be a 100 days or so, and I'm leaving on June 16th.
Mar 31, 15 10:36am
You guys missed out on Lesbian Bear Storm. Lesbians guys.
Mastix shared a link
Mar 20, 15 4:41am
Make sure you guys contribute! _Welcome to the Anime Spring Forum Header Contest! _htt

Mar 20, 15 4:40am
Feb 04, 15 12:13am
Possible Aria sequel and Blu-Ray release!? NEO-VENEZIA SAIKO!
Dec 31, 14 11:49pm
Happy New Year from Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto!
Dec 26, 14 3:44pm
Seasons greetings from Japan!
Dec 13, 14 8:55pm
Dark Souls 2 Co-op with Lorx nets me 16 second lag. Hilarity ensues.
Aug 16, 14 11:51am
Just witnessed a man cosplay in Ryuuko. It was not the tame version. I want to go home. :(
Aug 16, 14 9:59am
Rockin' at AFA. Got myself a signed Egoist poster.
Aug 03, 14 5:27pm
Yeeeeeeeeeees! Neo T-Shirt incoming! Thanks so much Dynamite and apologies to Gotenks!
Mastix blogged
Apr 28, 14 1:19pm

Nothing feels more overkill in Dark Souls 2 than fighting three on one against the Old Dragonslayer. REVENGE ORNSTEIN. REVENGE FOR HAVING SMOUGH HELP YOU AGAINST LITTLE OL' ME. WHO'S ALONE NOW.
Apr 24, 14 4:34pm
Pre-Loading Dark Souls 2. My anticipation boils over.
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