Going to try a blog. Nothing fancy. I'll pry just use it to complain about stuff.

Ya know what, I'm gonna give this a shot. If it turns out to be semi-cool I'll be happy. If ya like it, let me know. If not, also let me know, because I'll have constructive feedback and I can yell at you.

So as to what to do with this blog, I have no idea. Tech reviews? Game reviews? Show/movie reviews? Reviews in general? Or should I just ramble on incoherently like I always do? I'm not sure yet. I just found out I have 99 people following me and I feel like I should do more with this here Internet. I do watch a lot of stuff and play a lot of games, and some people do come to me for ideas. So I'm going to think about it for the time being. Who knows, it might be great, or I might lose interest after about 10 minutes. But for now...I'm hungry.
....who let you back in the house?
The biggest monster you'll ever meet!
Zazie Rainyday forever!!! <3
I love me more than I love myself!
The Return of the Blade
Please forgive me...

Well, I finally got ahold of some money I can send to NEM to get a name change. Well, yeah, I'm...

Im looking for my light...
is stalking himself.

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