siigning the homies guestbook wid bahd speeling yo.

Okay, all stupidity aside, master cheat is one of the few i consider an equal in phantom crash skill and knowledge.

Also, what did you mean by not expecting my site to be that good at all?
Man, ya just gotta love that avatar... tell me your secrets o' great master of... stripping avatar...


and now I vanish in to the night! Look away while I disappear!
Saved and set up as wallpaper.

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Location: Montoursville, Pennsylvania, USA Member since: February 9th, 2002 counter: 29954

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I know you... yeh... we still gonna kick the slackettes asses?

*fancy stamp*

Hey dude nice sig, I've seen you around the Star Wars forum and I thought I sign your guestbook.

Now I've signed your guestbook plaese sign mine.

Its the message of the day! Everyone's saying it!!
You aren't as rewarded as well as you should be, you don'y have enough recocnition, but here it is, baby!

Seen you on the Halo forum waaaaaay back, so, you know.
I see you on the Jedi Knight forum. Sign mine now i've signed yours.

Until Next time.
A fellow morrowind lover, I dont pretend to be anything more or anything less than a nutjob, just dont quote me on it ok?

Erm, this isnt really a picture of me by the way!
well keepim my promise ...

and thanx 4 da tip realy preciate it!

im from the est near Philly wher u 4om?

ill cu around sum time hey mayb ill IM u!

well that it 4 me cya
Well ok lets sing the DOOM song! DOOM!.....DOOM! thanx for signing my gb and yeah i am a gir fan and i think im gir fan #3 cuz i try to colect a loyt of gir stuff likw stickers,clothes,posters, and plush dolls! trust me a am a reall gir fan! yeah! ^^

i didnt do it!
to my fellow xboxer

take care fellow xboxer.


Thats right.. its me... mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Buh-Bye now!
this is a random signing please sign my guest book
[img]http://*snip*:54/154/59/emo/jackson.gif[/img] look at him go
Your boiography is so funny, love that movie to death, and I love your catch phrase, 4 muscles thing, same for me, always remember yuong son, lol. Hope you have a good time at ns, from your counter looks like you already have...
Gir Rules. Nuff Said.

I don't really have a favorite episode. As long as they have Gir in them, they're good. I don't like the non-Gir ones, as Gir is the main source of Comic Relief.
Hey ive seen you around the Halo Forum's, So ive made it my duty to sign G-Books who visit and post their

So!....Guess What

You've been signed
By a perfectly "Sane" person

yeah that was good, but the best i'd have to say was the one where they turned into bologna.

"Gaz, taste me! I'm delicious!"
bye now.
I guess being a master at cheating would be a lot better than being a master of baiting... Hehe, anyways, I've seen you around the forums for as long as I've been around, but I've never hit up your guestbook before. Probably because I used to not like you... You're not so bad now though, in fact there aren't many of us Halo oldies left, so it's good you're still around...

Catcha dude,

hey, thanks for helping me with my sig.!!! do you have xbox connect or gamespy? maybe we can play some halo together? just pm me if you want to ok?
Yep. Halo2 will be good though. If I get net and Live, I'll battle you. Here's a nice picture I found. I can't remember if it's censored or not.
See you around.

PS-PM me if you ever land on ghost city in GTA3.
I am on a guestbook signing spree right now and anyone I see right now is going to get their guestbook signed and you are online. See you around [Neoseeker]

I hope you like Jackass

P.S. Will you sign my Guestbook?
I am going around and signing everyone guestbook I see right now because there is nothing else to do. Well I will see you later.
I am intersted in your avatar....What the hell is the Blue guy doing? Punching the other guy in the balls? Oh, man. And that guy in your banner, the black guy. Yeah.
lol the blue guy is Cyborg Andriod from dbz movie 7 and he's punching Kakorot in his unit. The black guy is fake lol. Lata......