As I reflect on it, I've owned a lot of headsets. From Bose to Sennheiser, $5 to $50,...


This card is just over a year old now, I've owned mine for about 8 months and it has...

I've been waiting for these cards to release since last year, and I must say looking at the benchmarks its like... read more

Great review, I really liked the in-depth explanation of the heating solutions of the cards. However seeing the... read more

CES is like pre-christmas for nerds! I was a little disappointed there was nothing about Intel's new Ivy Bridge,... read more


The online seems a little empty nearly two years later, so I can't really give a good...

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Really this is my favorite halo of the series, better than Halo 1 in my opinion....


There have been a few Alien Vs. Predator games, most of them not very good. Predator:...

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