It's been a long, long time... and you aren't even around anymore. You probably don't even remember me. But I remember you! Thus I am signing your guestbook out of the good'ol times we shared.

I miss ya man.
I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?

Happy B-day

Sanji and Zoro The Some What Best of Friends

Sanji and Zoro The Best of Rivals

sign me back ps i dont support ZoroXSanji Ok!!!!

Hi, I'm vanillagigglez and I'm signing your guestbook today because my slave master weatherlover427 / sodadrinker777 ordered me to or else he said he'd send a blizzard of 10 feet of snow to where I live:(

I just got this stamp TODAY and it's fortunate that while you leave Neoseeker, you get the raging horn as well, not like you couldn't get that by looking at Red though.

Have fun in your real life.

I'm going around signing GB's so heres a stamp.Just remember to return the favor^_^

Hope you like it^_^
    2 cloves garlic, crushed
    1/2 c. olive oil
    1 c. bread crumbs
    3 lbs. Romano cheese, grated
    Pinch of salt
    2 T-bones, sirloin, or minute steaks, 1 inch thick
Cooking time: 10 minutes, rare; 14 minutes, medium; 20 minutes, well.

Blend garlic and olive oil. Set aside. Combine bread crumbs, cheese, and salt. Dip steak in oil mixture, then dip steak in bread crumbs, cheese, and salt. Grill or broil to desired degree of rareness.

4 to 5 minutes rare; 6 to 7 minutes medium; 9 to 10 minutes well - for each side.

- Happy Eating, this Kuduros spoof brought to you by Dis
It's time for my occasional guestbook signing spree, and guess what?

I'm signing your guestbook!

Hey there, I am signing my guestbook because redemption told me to sign every member's g-book, hey I can complain I get paid 20 bucks a month. Anyways sign back.
Anime Boston + Greg Ayres + SANZO COSTUME = Uber Happeh Zero-sama;

Huzzah to the eleventy billionth power!!!
Hey, I'm just on an innocent toasting spree. Enjoy!

Please sign back.

Your favorite kitchen appliance,


I am signing your guestbook cuz I decided I would Sign a bunch of moderators Guestbooks so, please sign back.

Here is a riddle incase you get bored.

If con is the opposite of pro, what's the opposite of progress?

I'd stamp but I don't have my floppy disc with me.
Hey there Master Mind

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo

PM Me or anyone else on the stamp and they will add you.
From tom and team

I hope you have the perfect Easter

With lots of wonderful choclate eggs

Theres also religion involved so don't get greedy

And again don't forget to enjoy it.
Try to go easy on the choclate eggs.
And while your at it spread the happyness
Stampped by the one and only
Indeed, March 17th creeps closer, so I bestow upon you an honorary holiday stamp;

zOMG you just got STAMPED by me! I stamped all over you! RAWR!
((This is my way of saying 'Hey! I thought about j00!' o.0))
So, once this heavy PWNAGE wears off, sign me back, or PM or something.

(Luff, luff, furbiddin luff!)

Just going on a signing spree.
Happy February 20th?

I don't even know if there is a waffle day,
And there probably isn't,
But I feel like going on a spree,
And I need a reason..
Don't I?

My Best Friend and Yours,

Je voulais signer ton guestbook, mais tu dois excuser mon Français, ça fait longtemps! J'habite en Afrique du Sud, tu vois - mais avant j'habitais à Montréal! Alors bonne chance!
There are many times when I cast back to the last time I ever saw a cowbell, and I realise how distant that very memory is, but then I come to realise, it is but a memory. And in memory of that memory, I have brought forth a communial guestbook signing to you. So that you and I can both share the magic of, ahhhhh ... Cowbell.

Bring to me more cowbell, and you will have served me well.

I just wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I haven't seen you around much lately... Perhaps it's because I'm not on much lately.

Anyway, maybe I'm signing this because I want somebody well-known to sign my guestbook back. Yeah, that seems about right.

I don't have a stamp, so I'll leave you with this picture. I'll see you around!

Merry Christmas!! Just signing the guestbooks of people that signed mine, or standed out in the forums, and stuff like that.


Ah remember me? You better... Anyway I came to re-sign your Guestbook and to wish you a Merry Christmas, I may not have pretty pictures or songs like the previous signers before me.... but its the thought that counts, I'm sure you agree. Any way here goes...

From your good, old friend.