Hi, I am a randomer without a picture or stamp. I felt like commenting on ur Mewtwo V. Marth story. It was um, Interesting. XD
Hell I am just dropping by and leaving a memory even kodak can't capture....

I hope you like this shitty picture
Hey Master Mew. Thanks for posting and trying to help me when I had my slight problem on my computor. All fixed now.

Anyways here's my stamp:

Hope you like it

Thanks again

Please sign back
I got a new account (I used to be Phoenix mode) and.......uh.......I don't know. I remember you from a while ago in the pokemon forums. I guess that's it.

Just passing through to wish you the best Holidays a Seeker can get...

Christmas is a holiday for friends,
However they may be, or not, related.
Remember that the three wise kings were strangers
In search of one remote, uncanny dream.
So may we all be far more than we seem,
Together bound for dark and haunting changes,
More lovely for the loves we have created
Along the lonely paths from means to ends,
Stumbling towards that star of Bethlehem.

Love, Melody

±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»
I thought it was about time I got off my lazy ass and signed people's guestbooks, who signed mine ... or something like that o_0

Anyways, Merry Xmas! I'm counting down the days. Yay! Christmas Spirit!!!

We haven't talked in a, like, loooooong time. Anyways, I saw your stamp in my GB, and decided to come BS you... No! I'm not going to Backstab, just backstamp

Take care,

Here's my brand new Halloween stamp. I hope you like it, cuz if you don't... >.> *shudders*
Ohwell, aren't we all diehard fans of Naruto & his merry men?
Well take care, enjoy Halloween. And if you (or your friends) have come up with a good and original idea to scare the *bleep* out of people this year...I'm all ears.
Eyes, actually. Neoseeker doesn't speak. >_>
But seriously, I'd like to read some good ideas. Think about it.

You can sign back if you want to. It's always appreciated. ^^

~Signed with fear,

For being a good member of the neoseeker community, Im here to offer you a free box of Mike Tysons favorite cereal:

He likes it, you will too.
To claim your free box, sign Ghetto Birds guestbook.
Hope you sign after all its FREE!

Ghetto Bird
Thanks for the signing in my last account Mew(time warp dragon x), but my new account is The Legacy

Sorry, don't have a stamp yet.
Thanks for the story. I got a new stamp so I'll stamp you back okay? See you later.

Your Guestbook has been signed by,
thought id sign you'r gb lol! um... hope i see you around neoseeker hope you sign my guestbook to for now,and a long time, maybe, bye,

Thought I would sign your GB. You seem cool. See you round neoseeker.^__^ I have no stamp at the moment so all I can give you is a smiley.
I`ve seen you around Neoseeker and I decided to give you this cool stamp so enjoy!
Hey man thanks for the support on my expelsion. I've seen you around and I think you have some good post. Keep it up. PM me. And check out my neo-home.

I made a new stamp. Yay. >_>;;

take care my friend. ^^;
Hey there Master Mew

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
Hey Master Mew!

Happy Birthdaaaaay! (I think I'm early, but oh well. )

<- random.

Take care, and have a great birthday. ^^

I hope you have the perfect Easter

With lots of wonderful choclate eggs

Theres also religion involved so don't get greedy

And again don't forget to enjoy it.
Try to go easy on the choclate eggs.
And while your at it spread the happyness
Stampped by the one and only
I liked the thread you started about those damn Database Errors, so I thought I'd sign your guestbook. Sorry, no stamp.
I'd want to sign your Guestbook, cause i'm on signing spree.
Please Stamp back and we will be a good friends someday( if we are not them now;))
Hey there.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you had a nice Christmas! All the best for '05. ^_^