Data Drain Master Link
Feb 26, 05 5:08pm
Hi I saw you liked .Hack and BlackRose and then I saw youÂ’re from my home state so I figured why the hell not.

if want some more pics just ask
darkrex25 Master Link
Oct 10, 04 3:22pm
Hey Hey whats up? hey another dot.hack fan, sweet! Well I will sign your guestbook and heres my guestbook stamp:

Keep it ReaL!
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Aug 3, 04 1:20pm
I'm on a stamping 2 in the morning! Sweet....

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Jul 29, 04 11:02am
Thanx For Signing My G-Book...I Don't Have A Stamp...I Don't Think I Ever Will Either....

.......I'm Lifeless........

.......Really Lifeless.......
LZero Master Link
Dec 22, 03 9:56am
Hey Master Link,thought i'd sign your g-book haven't talked to ya in a while(time flies),anyway i'll seeya around.Later LZero.
Alec Towne Master Link
Nov 22, 03 11:50am
Hey Master Link. How are ya? I just wanted to sign your guestbook so you could sign mine(you would wouldn't you?)I'll see ya around.

You have been signed
Enth Master Link
Sep 5, 03 3:21am
Hey there Master Link. I'm Enth and I'm beginning to see quite a lot around the Dragonball forum now (nice to see!)

Anyways, I thought I better sign your guestbook like you said to in the Strongest Z-Fighter thread so here we go!

Stay cool Link!
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Sep 3, 03 3:45pm
Well I signing your Guestbook like you asked me to. I've seen you around the Dragonball forum and the DBZ LSW forum. You seem like a nice guy so here my stamp.

Emperor Piccolo Master Link
Sep 3, 03 4:26am
thx for signing my guestbook, so I'll sign yours, if u ever need help pm me and I'll praobably be able to help u out! Gotta get back to the forums now! Cya!
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Sep 3, 03 3:26am
hey you sign my guestbook(agian)thanx!!!well pm me anytime if you want need help you know what to do!!!see you in the forum!!!!

Peek_a_buu Master Link
Aug 29, 03 7:01am
It's Peek_a_buu here. I really don't know your question seeing I don't have pay Tv. Do you live in America because I live in Australia. My friends have pay but my mum says It's too expensive (She's really cheap)
arseball Master Link
Aug 29, 03 6:27am
8000 posts? Easy when you have been here nearly 2 years! Some people here have 12,000 posts.

Anyways, just a heads up seeing as you signed my guestbook! See you around.
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Aug 26, 03 7:40pm
yo thanks for signing my guest book need help pm me.any way thanks see you in the
see ya for now ..........