Hi I saw you liked .Hack and BlackRose and then I saw you’re from my home state so I figured why the hell not.

if want some more pics just ask
Hey Hey whats up? hey another dot.hack fan, sweet! Well I will sign your guestbook and heres my guestbook stamp:

Keep it ReaL!
I'm on a stamping spree...at 2 in the morning! Sweet....

Thanx For Signing My G-Book...I Don't Have A Stamp...I Don't Think I Ever Will Either....

.......I'm Lifeless........

.......Really Lifeless.......
Hey Master Link,thought i'd sign your g-book haven't talked to ya in a while(time flies),anyway i'll seeya around.Later LZero.
Hey Master Link. How are ya? I just wanted to sign your guestbook so you could sign mine(you would wouldn't you?)I'll see ya around.

You have been signed
Hey there Master Link. I'm Enth and I'm beginning to see quite a lot around the Dragonball forum now (nice to see!)

Anyways, I thought I better sign your guestbook like you said to in the Strongest Z-Fighter thread so here we go!

Stay cool Link!
Well I signing your Guestbook like you asked me to. I've seen you around the Dragonball forum and the DBZ LSW forum. You seem like a nice guy so here my stamp.

thx for signing my guestbook, so I'll sign yours, if u ever need help pm me and I'll praobably be able to help u out! Gotta get back to the forums now! Cya!
hey you sign my guestbook(agian)thanx!!!well pm me anytime if you want need help you know what to do!!!see you in the forum!!!!

It's Peek_a_buu here. I really don't know your question seeing I don't have pay Tv. Do you live in America because I live in Australia. My friends have pay but my mum says It's too expensive (She's really cheap)
8000 posts? Easy when you have been here nearly 2 years! Some people here have 12,000 posts.

Anyways, just a heads up seeing as you signed my guestbook! See you around.
yo thanks for signing my guest book need help pm me.any way thanks see you in the
see ya for now ..........