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Jul 22, 13 2:10pm must be a good thing. :O We don't even know if you can go deer hunting in GTA V xD Is GTA:V a Red Dead Redemption 2? - GameGrep

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Jul 22, 13 2:08pm

Me and my loyal Chocobo steedPhase 3 for FFXIV:ARR has at last ended after 5 weeks, and it was easily the most anticipated for testers because it finally opened up two major areas of the world and introduced three new classes to complement the Lan...

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Jul 22, 13 2:05pm

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black/White and Black 2/White 2. Leave now if this is a problem to you.Drayden wanted to speak to me about DNA Splicers or something like that. Unfortunately it seemed...

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