HI GUYS(and also girls)!! Welcome to my Neohome!!

I am 13 turning 14,I have a PSP,GC,and a PS2.I like to browse web,and download demos(I also like to buy the full games of the demos If i like it.)I came to neoseeker when browsing the web(dont remember exactly how I got here)but I do remember it was around midnight.anyways I really like going to neoseeker and looking up my fav. games.

I used to play runescape,for about 2yrs.I had a lvl79 acc and I also was member for some time.After time the game got kinda boring so I played it less and less until I finally stoped.Being a member was some really fun experience,but it just was'nt worth the cash.
runescape <--- click on the picture to go on RS website.


Now here are some jokes:

blonde- " what does IDK mean "?
brunnette- " I dont know "
blonde- "OMG no one knows!!"

Sept 11-2001:Islamabad/Washington DC/New york:

Morning 7:30: General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan calls George W. Bush and offered his condolences....

Musharraf: Mr President I am shocked and sad that this tragic incident rocked U.S.A.
In the moment of sorrow & grief my countrymen and me stand by U.S.A
and I assure u there is no hand of any pakistani in the incident.....

Geroge W. Bush: (very confused) Sorry...but which incident...what incident....?????????????

Musharraf: ooohhhhhh...what is the time there in US now....????

Geroge W. Bush: Its Morning 7:30...

Musharraf: oooopsss...sorry....I was a bit early... I will call u after an hour......

I do not have any friends YET and I am looking for some,so if u want to become my friend u r welcome to :-)