Zeek Martins
Feb 11, 09 10:23am
Hey man, thanks for resizing that image for me.

I got tired of it though, got a new avy.
xXLloydXx Martins
Jan 22, 09 8:22am
Thank you alot for my sig, i love it Hope whenever i need something new i can rely on you to deliver, u got it done nice and quickly
SMD Martins
Aug 11, 08 12:08pm
Hey bro, thanks for the avatar. I know it took a while to get right so I'm really grateful. If i need anything else in the future, your the man i'll be looking for. =)

Always Faithful,
Chelsea Mint FC Martins
May 24, 08 2:10pm
Whoa, what a privilege this is. What a privilege to be first so sign your guestbook

Well, av' a good one.

Oh yeah, and it's guestbook rules: You have to sign me back and I have to tell you a joke:

A lady says to her husbane "I'll dance for you if you loose 20 kilo's" and the husbane says back "I'll watch if you loose 10".

Prob not the greatest, but best I could remember

Catcha mate