Neo Friends:

Dragonzrule (credit for all my marshmallowy stuff!)

Just For Now (kyah!)


Favourite game at the moment: DDR. Woohoo!

Favourite food: Chocolate! Mmm... Food...

Listens to: J-Pop, Pop, Punk, Trance.

Enjoys: Digital items like MP3 players and computers. Fiddling with computers. *evil grin* Being contrary and odd.

Likes to sleep late, read manga, argue about superiority of being a marshmallow ninja with friend.

Likes to play:
Sims 2
Animal Crossing
Harvest Moon AnWL
FF games
Other simulation games where I mutilate things... Like RC Tycoon.

Loves: My manga, my scanner, Paint, GSeed, Other anime, and most of all- my computer and music! :P
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