Was an angsty teenager.
Adam is a poopoo bear

It's 2am, I need to sleep. Adam and I just...you know, and he's fast asleep. I was so tired before but my scumbag eyes decided to stay open a little longer.

Haven't gone online on Neo for a bit. Haven't posted much. Haven't started a thread since, when, a year ago? I feel like a stranger tbh, like how I once felt waaaay back in 2009 when I was sort of a noob who didnt care about constructing a proper sentence so long as i put in what i want to say i wanted to have some sort of a home and a neoofamily like what every1 had before especially in the harvest moon forums when i thought getting neomarried was true love a sacntity between 2 ppl and i postes on the thred and askd ppl to help me wit taking care of my cows

I was a nursing student back then when I first received my first console, a battered white Gameboy Advance that once fell into a toilet bowl. My cousin got an XP and a DS and had no need for good 'ole GB that once swam along with someone else's shit...

My first game was Breathe of Fire 2. But what led me to become a neo-member was Harvest Moon: More Friends in Mineral Town. But after three months or so, I didn't care about posting about the game (especially since my *bleep*ing game *bleep*ing got corrupted just when I reached my *bleep*ing fifth year where I *bleep*ing dug out all the cursed tools and I *bleep*ing don't want to do it all over again! :RAGE:); I cared about finding a neo-husband who is a moderator and a seeketh maximus and building a neo-family with him with lots of adorable neo-babies. HOW SWEET!!

I didn't have a boyfriend and it sucks being around nursing boys who don't know how to speak or write proper English. They were like, "waats up yo mah mens?!!" I hated nursing too so I hated all my classmates' guts. In short, I have no friends; Just my mom, our dog, and my shitty (literally) GBA, [My two younger sisters didn't count as they were both living in a dormitory, in a land far, far away].

So, I spent my lunch breaks being online on Neo every single day, flirting with guys half the world away. I pretty much got into all sorts of relationships, except the full-fledged boob-flashing thingamajiggie. Until I got tired and moved on along with how I moved on to a new college, leaving away the nightmare of yesterday.

Once I got into Journalism, I got two awesome best friends who I am still best friends with even though we rarely see each other due to work demands. I didn't bother about online boys anymore; I matured and I also got an IRL crush :3 But then some online guy who is a moderator and more than a seeketh maximus started talking to me. And my, what a flirt!

We talked monthly, then weekly, then every three days, then every one point five days, then every single day until he got down into one knee to pick up the cookie I dropped. The cookie passed the five-second rule so I ate it.

Though still pessimistic about online relationships, we got together after a year of being *bleep*-buddies, I mean, good friends.

And I'm sleepy now, time to zzz. Sorry baby, I'll continue writing some other time! I love you, Adam :* :* :*

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And what the *bleep* have I written? Reading my blog posts here makes me cringe and I just want to disappear on the face of the planet. XD XD XD

AND LOOK AT THAT TITLE HOW HORRIBLE! Oblivion is my home? UGGGHHH XD (i want to change it but too lazy. If anybody feels like the way I do with that title and has the time, do change it for me)
Hey 19-year-old Nikki, you're so..so..

Well the half 2010 Nikki isn't different from the 2009 one. I feel like I'm reading some stranger's blog and it feels so weird (I feel so sorry for myself. Looking back, I realized that all the stuff I wrote here wasn't as bad as I made them look like) XD

I should write more this year and laugh at myself again two or three years after. Hehehehehe


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Je T'aime Mon Cher

It's sure been some time since I last made a blog update though this one will be short.Changes in...

ǝɟıן ʎɯ ʞɔnɟ
I'm counting the days.

My eyes were hurting when I woke up, I rubbed it which only made it worse. I ate breakfast with eyes closed. And then found a cut on my leg that I have no idea where I got it.

I groped my way back to my room and checked my computer. I had the message box of one person open, I'm very tempted to send him a message because I miss him so damn much. But realized I shouldn't because I told him we should have time away from each other. Actually, now, I think that wasn't a good idea because I sense that we're both miserable. But I guess I'll keep going like this, since I'm the one who started it and I should keep my words. It sucks.

Because my day started out really bleak like that, I didn't look forward to any changes throughout the day. In the afternoon, my sister, cousin and I went shopping. My aunt gave us money to buy new clothes. I wasn't excited, because I'm not a fan of shopping much. I usually just buy things when I need them. But yea, well, I guess I needed new clothes.

After 4 hours of roaming around, I carried bags of shirts, pants, and whatnot, went back to the car ready to doze off. I was happy of how the day went by quick and wished tomorrow it would be the same.

Suddenly, my favorite song back in high school played on the radio bringing back awesome memories, my cousin gave me pink jellies that tasted so damn good, and the view of the sun setting as we drove by a beach was breathtaking. All three made my heart stop beating for a second, and I just felt so happy like I've never felt before.

I was smiling at myself for a full minute before I fell asleep, tired.

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I'm on a two-week vacation before another semester starts and I don't have anything better to do so I'll try to update this blog (which was filled with cobwebs) every day.

Today was still filled with angst and lots of questions. I'm kinda' hopeful that I'd still get some good news but today there was none. I'll prolly wait until God knows when. I'm like that. Although there are moments when I just feel sorry for myself. :(

I woke up at nine, and got up at ten. I wish it's like that every day. I hate waking up early. Some people like to make the most out of their day, but me, I just want it to end as fast as possible. Because I really can't wait for November 3, so I'll be back in college.

To make myself busy, I tried to think about NaNoWriMo and my plot, written down the character list, listened to more Paramore, and slept again in the afternoon. I loved how the time went by quick.

I wish it's November already.

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I said I'd start the day well, but it didn't end up alright.

I talked to Adam in the morning, I was happy. Then went to the gym, it was cool but I forgot to do warm-ups. And went back home and ate a nice herb filled sandwich. I was starting to do some work when Adam came and brought in some bad news. I wasn't able to work, so I just lied down and stared in space for a while.

In the evening, I waited for the clock to strike nine. I waited a whole week for a call about an internship in Washington DC. But to my great dismay, I received no call, which probably means I wasn't accepted. Before I retired for the night, my aunt called me to write a speech for my uncle which I really hate doing.

She gave me money for shopping for clothes with my sister, maybe that's the only good thing about this day. But I never liked shopping so bleh.

is exasperated. >_>
There are moments I hate; moments when I think about you.

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