Marooned Chic
Mar 24, 15 7:04pm
Marooned Chic
Jun 25, 14 12:00pm
Was an angsty teenager.
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Aug 9, 13 10:26pm
Adam is a poopoo bear
Marooned Chic
Dec 10, 11 9:41am
Je T'aime Mon Cher
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Feb 28, 11 6:41am

It's sure been some time since I last made a blog update though this one will be short.Changes in...

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Dec 23, 10 7:38pm
ǝɟıן ʎɯ ʞɔnɟ
Marooned Chic
Dec 5, 10 8:47am
I'm counting the days.
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Oct 24, 10 6:01am

I'm on a two-week vacation before another semester starts and I don't have anything better to do so I'll try to update this blog (which was filled with cobwebs) every day.

Today was still filled with angst and lots of questions. I'm kinda' hopeful that I'd still get some good news but today there was none. I'll prolly wait until God knows when. I'm like that. Although there are moments when I just feel sorry for myself. :(

I woke up at nine, and got up at ten. I wish it's like that every day. I hate waking up early. Some people like to make the most out of their day, but me, I just want it to end as fast as possible. Because I really can't wait for November 3, so I'll be back in college.

To make myself busy, I tried to think about NaNoWriMo and my plot, written down the character list, listened to more Paramore, and slept again in the afternoon. I loved how the time went by quick.

I wish it's November already.

musingsthoughts nanowrimo
Marooned Chic blogged
Oct 23, 10 4:05pm

I said I'd start the day well, but it didn't end up alright.

I talked to Adam in the morning, I was happy. Then went to the gym, it was cool but I forgot to do warm-ups. And went back home and ate a nice herb filled sandwich. I was starting to do some work when Adam came and brought in some bad news. I wasn't able to work, so I just lied down and stared in space for a while.

In the evening, I waited for the clock to strike nine. I waited a whole week for a call about an internship in Washington DC. But to my great dismay, I received no call, which probably means I wasn't accepted. Before I retired for the night, my aunt called me to write a speech for my uncle which I really hate doing.

She gave me money for shopping for clothes with my sister, maybe that's the only good thing about this day. But I never liked shopping so bleh.

Marooned Chic
Oct 22, 10 10:04pm
por siempre
Marooned Chic
Oct 22, 10 9:58pm
Won't look back
Marooned Chic
Oct 22, 10 3:37am
loves Adam.
Marooned Chic
Oct 22, 10 2:48am
is exasperated. >_>
Marooned Chic
Oct 20, 10 6:26am
loves Adam
Marooned Chic
Jun 2, 10 5:09am
Por Siempre
Marooned Chic
May 28, 10 5:07am
Everlong :)
Marooned Chic
May 26, 10 4:18am
There are moments I hate; moments when I think about you.
Marooned Chic
Apr 2, 10 6:48am
is high.
Marooned Chic
Mar 23, 10 3:59am
says: "You know I make you wanna scream."
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Mar 23, 10 12:32am

So I finally got my fingers to type something other than pointless things I say to my friends online - that is if I have any left. :\

Yes, there's still one.

I believe I'm allowed to here goes:

Coke: So you've deleted me on your friend's list. It's alright. We don't talk much anymore anyways. And I can't even find anything worthy to tell you. I'm used to not being able to talk to you and I don't care if you delete me for good. If it was three months ago, I would've cried my eyes out.


Lol, that is all for the rants. XD

I've been playing Heavy Rain and I wanted to rain here so bad. It's just so hot where I am, I feel my skin's melting off. T_T I'm on a two week vacation before I start my summer classes and it sucks in a good way. Haha. At least I'll be out of the house 'cause I can't make myself stay here long. T_T I just have to find out how my two week vacation will go. :\ I bet I'll just always be in front of the TV, trying to find out who the Origami killer is.

I also want to mention my owl in a banana suit. You'll never be able to read this which is kinda' good. Haha. Yeah, I love you. <3 And that's the first time I said it out instead of just lurking in my head. Geezus. I never thought I could still feel after all the...nvm. XD

Avenged Sevenfold is awesome.

As well as Gummy Bears.

heavy rain gummy bears avenged sevenfold playstation 3 music musingsthoughts
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