pretty fun game though a bit boring at times. BlinxTheTimesweeper Xbox
pretty boring. 1 mistake i know I've made. PetzMonkeyzHouse DS
seen some screen shots at seribii. PokemonWhiteVersion DS
Destroy all humans. i like the zap-omatic. zzzzzzaaaaap! :hypno: DestroyAllHumans2 PS2
best 2-d arcade fighting game for ds i've ever played. BleachDarkSouls DS
broom broom ka-boom. MarioKart64 N64
Kaboom! I like being the washing machine 'cause I like shooting underwear at enemies.:moony: BanjoTooie N64
Don's my fave turtle. TMNT Wii
my fave's the white spy. SpyVsSpy GBC
at the moment cause i don't get to play much i've only got a magician lv. 15 and an archer lv. 8 or 9. DragonicaOnline PC
COCONUT!!! Banana Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!! WormsOpenWarfare2 PSP
i've seen the ad thingy on nintendo channel and now i want it. it looks AWESOME!!! :moony: PrinceOfPersiaTheForgottenSands DS
chitty chitty BOOM BOOM!:_devil: BoomBloxBashParty Wii
I wish they stuck with life-like ninja turtle movies. TMNT
Nearly finished. Really Close. Plus Great cut-scenes RabbidsGoHome DS
Tennis And Baseball Are My Fave. WiiSports Wii

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