Hi, my name is Joeseph James Rogers, but my family calls me Jim because of my middle name. I live in a cozy apartment 20 minutes away from the beutiful Newport Beach and am currently attending classes at *mumble* University. I was born and raised in the town of Victorville, Cailfornia, before it became a big city.I have a mother and deceased father. I also have two brothers, Andrew and Paul. I have the greatest gaming skill of my whole family. Speaking of family, lets talk about my parents. My mother is the kindest woman you'll ever meet and she can cook better than the pros. She always looked after my dad and my brothers, she was good at that. Sometimes she would play video games too, but it was rare. She worked as a barber for 36 years until her hands couldn't do it anymore. My father was a great and wise man. He worked as a government machanic and engineer for 10 years then became a fourth-grade teacher. My father loved video games all through his life, and he was real good at 'em too. He lived by a code which was "Nintendo or nothing". That was all he would play was Nintendo games, nothing else...ever. All three of his children used to live by that code. Oh, speaking of children, lets talk about my brothers. Andrew is three years older than me and is a teacher at my old high school. He's always loved video games, but always seemed to be the worst at them out of the three. Paul is six years older than me with a lovely wife and two children of 9 and 6. Paul,in my child years, used to be a gaming god. Yet, something happened around 18 and his skills plummeted. Now to tell the long tale of my life.
My whole life I've, not liked, but loved video games. The first game system I played belonged to my pops, and it was noneother than the holy NES. I love that NES...I still have it in my doesn't work anymore...we played it to death. Ever since I sat down with my dad and played "Super Mario Bros.", we both knew I was gonna love this stuff.
We got our next system when I was four, the legendary SNES. My brothers and I loved that thing. Me and my old man used to play "Donkey Kong Country" together. I was better than him, but we still played on teams. Still got that old thing too, and it works...barely.
I was almost...10 or so when we got the N64. Still our favorite system. Paul was excepionally good at N64 games; Andrew...only "F-Zero X".My dad was killer at "Mario Kart 64" and "Super Smash Bros.". Sometimes my mom would play "Mario Kart 64" as Princess Peach. She always got last but she still had fun. Not very far from then did my dad and I both get Gameboy Colors. My brothers didn't really like them, but we loved those things. That's when we were introduced to "Pokémon". I had the blue and gold versions, and he had the red and silver versions. My Pokémon were always better than his, but we didn't care.
T'was in my early teens when I got my Gamecube. My brother Paul moved on to college by now so it was just me and Andrew. By this time, my dad's gaming skills deminished because of artheritis in his hands. He still played, but only for 30 to 40 minute bursts. He loved to watch us play though. When he'd come home from work, he'd say hi to my mom and then come and watch us play. His favorites were the big-world adenture ones like "Metroid Prime" or "Pikmin". That poor thing doesn't even work, something broke inside after seven loving years. Around this time period, I got my GBA SP and then my DS-Lite a few years afterwards. I bought these with my own money so they didn't belong to my brothers. My pops was astounded by the DS! He loved that little thing. Dad's gaming came to a complete halt when my mother couldn't work anymore when I was 17. He had to concentrate on work to support all of us, since my two brothers were already through college and supporting themselves.
I wrestled four angry mothers, at the same time, to get my Wii. that last January. My dear dad would've adored the Wii, but unfortunatly he passed away at the age of 57 on September 12, 2006 at around 5:48 p.m., or so the doctor said. The rest of the year was real hard on my mom. But my brothers and I were there for her. This is the reason I named my Wii Excalibur, because that was my father's favorite Las Vegas hotel, his first game, his favorite story, and his favorite movie.
Currently, I'm the only one left who has honored the code. Andrew has bought an Xbox 360 and Paul has bought his son a PSP. I don't hold it against them though...I just feel bad that they wasted their money. I will obey the code in honor of my father for the rest of my life. Well...that's my story uptil now.


Well...I don't know how to make the silly profile page list my platforms so...I tell ya here. I own a Wii...and that's it. I like to go surf at the beach(which is about 20 minutes away from my house) and playing video games a'course. My favorite games are "Punch-Out", anything with Mario, anything with Kirby or Metroid, all of the "Smash Bros.", the A US "Fire Emblem"s, most of the big titles on Wii, and Hulk:Ultimate Destruction!!!! And...that's about it.


Ummm....waiter? There seems to be what looks like...a small plumber in my soup!

That's my sig. Hey get off my back, I don't have photoshop!
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