Kilik 64 Mario Is Fat
Jun 5, 07 11:23am
Alright! Summer is here at last! I hope you great one. See ya later!

Jin the Demon Mario Is Fat
Sep 9, 06 6:27am
U told me to sign your guestbook here ya go but i don't know how to get a banner... sorry Stay connected

Jin the Demon
Scarecrow3000 Mario Is Fat
Aug 19, 06 9:02pm
You have recently confuzzled me ever so much. I am bamboozled as to whether or not you are again using this acount or Uzumaki Mitch. Ah well, random and generic signing for all.

Cya 'round.
Neo Apocolypse Mario Is Fat
Oct 21, 05 1:29am
Probably you wont remember me anymore, but i still do, so i sign back from a old and ancient stamp you once gave me
Well anyway, pm me when u want and maybe youll see me on the forum!

Youre ancient friend:

Neo Apocolypse!!
Kilik 64 Mario Is Fat
Aug 22, 05 5:26am
Just saying hello. Here are some stamps, just because I'm here.

Arthas Mario Is Fat
Aug 5, 05 11:19am
Double-G here, I figured a nice Conker: Live & Reloaded Stamp would do well. It may be pretty big, but anyway, enjoy!

Gaming Guru
Mastix Mario Is Fat
Jul 31, 05 12:49am
the title says it all. lol. you don't have to I just thought i'd sign.
Elliot Gale Mario Is Fat
Jul 11, 05 12:56pm
Oh, come on, man! Taking over the world isn't THAT hard. I swear I've done it a few times without even trying.

You need a new sidekick, A.K.A me.

Step one: Evil Laugh
Step two: Minions

Prime Hunter Mario Is Fat
Jul 11, 05 10:18am
So.. man, I heard about the attack on the UK.. man the gys here at Mario's Palace are worried sick about you.. I won't stamp beause.. i dont have a good one.. but contact me or the other Marios Palace members as soon as you can please...
Prime Hunter Mario Is Fat
Jun 23, 05 2:12am
Hey, i've seen you around tha forums and I decided to stamp you


It wll take some time to open.

Please sign back and PM me (if you want)
Kilik 64 Mario Is Fat
Jun 20, 05 8:22am
I just realized that I never had a stamp, so I made one today. All of my neofriends are getting stamped. Enjoy.

YoshiStar Mario Is Fat
Jun 17, 05 11:53pm

^__^ Sorry for not signing your guestbook earlier. I was making this stamp, but I guess I gave up on it! I decided to finish it today, and I of course did. Heh. So I'm Signing. Have fun!

gegmar Mario Is Fat
Jun 11, 05 9:30pm
i want to thank you for being a great neofriend and for my awsome avatar. keep on keepin on
your friend,

p.s. have a great summer break
Scarecrow3000 Mario Is Fat
Jun 7, 05 1:40am
Change your profile! I am very stupid!
Anyways, new stamp. Stampalicous, eh?

Be afriad. Be very afriad.

tom111 Mario Is Fat
Jun 5, 05 5:08pm
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook, cool stamp by the way. I thought I'de sign back. Sorry I don't have a stamp, I'll make one for my next signing. See you round the forum, have fun.
tom111 Mario Is Fat
Jun 5, 05 5:08pm
Hey, thanks for sighning my guestbook, cool stamp by the way. I thought I'de sign back. Sorry I don't have a stamp, I'll make one for my next signing. See you round the forum, have fun.
tidus04 Mario Is Fat
Jun 1, 05 7:39pm
Well you signed mine so i will sign yours but i have no stamp at the current time being as i cant be botherd to get one so you will have to have this text instea witch is a pain to read i know but are well thats life for ya. owz it going hope it is going good. but anyways cya around
tomato13187 Mario Is Fat
Jun 1, 05 3:30am
Hey MIF. Thanks for stamping me with the Naruto stamp. I figuted it out because of Mana's fake Guy/Hector support, and Guy split into 5, and mentioned Naruto. I've seen that blonde dude before. Never knew it was from Naruto though.

Well, before you nod off, here's a stamp of a person I dislike, flaming me, and being racist! Enjoy!

Keep on tranglin',
SunnyDelight Mario Is Fat
May 29, 05 10:28pm
I thought I should give you my stamp so enjoy this!
see you around the forums..
goldensunfanatic Mario Is Fat
May 22, 05 7:14pm
Here is my stamp for you coz I'm on a signing spree...
Lukas Mario Is Fat
May 15, 05 1:58pm
Hey, I've found you in the PM2 TTYD forum so here's a good stamp for ya.

Hope ya like it. Sign back.
killer chao 20045 Mario Is Fat
May 8, 05 10:41pm
uh this is the stickman curse who called?
MIF doffus. your stupid and if your mom ate more she wouldnt be dead.
whatd you say? im puting a curse on you!

good luck stamping back a stickman stamp MIF
youve been stamped
simomatic Mario Is Fat
May 7, 05 1:38am
Hey there Mario Is Fat. I'm on a signing spree. I've got some stamps for ya.

tomato13187 Mario Is Fat
Apr 30, 05 2:15am
Hey, MIF. Happy Arbor Day. Enjoy it... It's my favorite obscure holiday! Feel bestowed with my stamps. Thanks!

From the false vegetable,
arcanine22 Mario Is Fat
Apr 23, 05 6:28pm
hey mario is fat hows it going having fun on neo?

Have a good day and sign back

The Ultimate Dud3