You're still reading this trash? Shame on you, get a life. Oh wait, whats that? You don't have one? Not at all? Fine, let me put some more trash for you to skim through. Ok... Lets start with my NeoFriends, its completely useless info so you should enjoy it! I'll give you them in order of NeoFriendship:

1) Chain Chomp Merriest man of the month
2) marcibanjo The man of few words
3) DTX The strange one
4) YoshiStar I forget
5) Tolemo The indomitable
6) rubymatt owner of his own forum
7) orc64 SM64 addict
8) Krantos Who gave me some sound advice when I had 10 post count
9) King of Narnia commonly refered to as KON this is one of the best mods on the site
10) Unokubi Zukuri He was actually earlier, but the name intimitated me to type
11) Star Falco good fuel for spam
12) Mario 1 The 'gangsta'

To come:

1)TetraThePirate Outrageously funny art
2)Hyper Sniper Strange person who favors a revolution in USA
3)AnyonomousGuy I revere his logic in IE

Useless bits of info! :)

There is currently no info
That was a contradictory statement.
That up there had 32 characters in it.
Numerical digits were included in last sentence.
the word sentence, also means, put to death.
Death is the departure of the soul from the body.
Last sentence was useful, it violates policies of useless junk.
Deletion date is scheduled 2689. It will be in my will.
You must have nothing to do if you are reading this.
Luigi wears a green hat.
Donkey Kong has a tie that doesn't make sense.
NES was the greatest system to ever hit the market.
You're an avid member.
At the moment of this sentences composition, I had to leave for somewhere, bye in retrospect but I'm probably back now.


Hmmm, well, here this is, and I may heck as well put something in here. Ok... Where do I start? I suppose one of my greatest hobbies is SM64 (Sadly to say, I've discovered enough about that game to make a hobby out of, yes.) And of course everyone likes to watch movies. I also like to tease my brothers (What can I say? Their irritable and its really fun to get under their skin, in a sick sort of way.) Besides that, I also like to gape at the ignorance that abounds in this site, mostly located in IE. Of course, opinions are like butts, everyones but mine stinks. So you can't expect too much out of them. I have a 1990-ish looking computer model, and scanner, coupled with zero income combines to restrict my recent gaming experiences to 64, although Ive had a lot of exposure to PS2, GC, And X-Box from a friend. And did I mention Neoseeker? Of course not! I'm not very interested in Neoseeker. And if the wrong people found out, I'm outa here. *Looks over shoulder* Its soo fun playing good old fashioned Yahtzee though, I started out one game with 5 ones (and got 90% straight combinations and lost anyways later >_
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Review: Yoshi's Story -

Jan 9, 2006

To win, eat 30 fruit and don't get killed doing it. Advanced players go for melons and that is what provides challenge for even the best of the best. This game has an opening video that says it all, but generally speaking its nuts in a good way,...

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