I have a few uber cool Neo-friends:
Haruka Hikawa- One of my best friends, also is not evil at all. She likes some pretty cool anime but also likes some of the gayest characters in it *coughKuramahasnopersonalitycough* I now fear for my life after saying that, but oh well, anyway Haru-kun is pretty awesome, sadly she is quite deluded to many things and I make it a life goal to put her straight.
*slaps* Sanzo is a woman!
Ranger_1- He's like me, only serious, cool and can say some awesome and funny things and is a mod and I dont know his name (yes that is a personality trait). So basically he is nothing like me, but for some reason we are friends, he's cool and shit. We have had a PM thing going on called "Merry Christmas" since last Christmas, I hope it goes on forever, that would make me horny.
Shikamaru-128 I know him from real life, he's black, but don't let that bother you, only half. He's a perverted guy, not at all like me and has a nicely formed penis, I often watch him shower.Anyway, he's a G so don't mess with him holmes.
Newcastlerules- Another friend from Real life, a place I rarely visit anymore, he looks emo and has a girlfriend, thats all there really is to him.
Anon-chan- rarely talk to her now, she's quite young but I managed to restrain myself, she is a very good friend and can draw awesome pictures, exspecially of me :p
Chaos Seraph- Though he isn't round much I talk to him on World of Warcraft often, he doesn't like my rogue being higher than his (though he has another better so why the *bleep* does he care) I have had sex with Asaphine many a time and so far he has been my best.
Tomato[insert numbers]- We used to be really good friends, then he left for like a bajillion years, then he came back and we are talking again, still remains to be one of the coolest people around here, after me of course. I also inspired the name for his first daughter, I feel so honoured =D
Thats about it, if you want more info then *bleep* of you *bleep*ing stalker


I am perma banned!!!!!!!!!!
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Review: Fire Emblem - One of the best games .....Ever

Jan 24, 2005

This is the first Fire Emblem released outside of Japoan and it was certainly worth the wait.The game is a FFTA'esque affair, tactics are envolved, with RPG elements thrown in. You start the game as the character Lyn after she has found you, a...

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