This account is marcibanjo's and ConkerASkyJockey06 together.

I introduce myself, I'm Neil Jones (Conker). I love snowboarding and going on neoseeker, I like to chat, work out and surf. I love to hang out with my friends and I will be please to help/discuss with any member on neoseeker.

Now its my turn to introduce.
I'm Marci and i love to drum. There lays my heart. Not just for the music if you understand what i mean... I also love Neoseeker ofcourse. I love to make banners, and im trying to improve it with my further occupation.

Jobs for us:

Hey its Conker here, I'm just posting this so that it will help you guys how to know us and what we will do.

Conker will do:

Adding GameGrep pts
Adding forums to favourites
customizing the guestbook options
Checking NeoPms
Posting in forums
Editing interest/biographie
Wrtting stories in the Writer's Lounge
Contributing Neo Points

Main color font: Purple
Secondary color font: Navy

marci will do:
Creating avatars/banners.
Adding friends

Taking request of avatar/banner requests
Posting in the forums
Checking NeoPM's

Main color font: Orange
Secondary color font: Red

Thank you for your time, cya ya in the forums.

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Playing video games
working out


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