People lose things. People lose gaming things. But where are they? When you lose a pen or something, you don't really min

Like, the Gameboy and stuff. I personally always set up a lamp behind me to make it easier to see the screen.

Does anyone have any info on this? I kinda really want that Isabelle Palico armor really badly, but I can't find an inkli

Buyin' a peach and a pear. Also, a handful of axes. Paying in bells. It's a small task, but I'll pay out dece

"Here's an idea- I'll farm all of the outfits and custom moves on my 3DS so that me and my buds can all do custo

Do you all use sidewalks and roads in your town? Or nah? And if you do, did you draw them, or scan them into your town?

I'm buying things. So many things. There's a badge called "Catalog Maniac G," and to obtain it, you nee

In Demon's Souls, I always found the Estoc with the royal armor on a mage to be canon. It just feels right to me. In D

I really don't like how they're handling this whole "Amiibo" thing. I went to Gamestop at 3pm to pre-or

Do you wear solid, battle effective armor that gives you the largest edge in combat, or do you wear armor that looks amazing

It's been about 7 years since I got a computer and mine is really slowing down. I want to go ahead and replace it, but I

I came into possession of a Powersave for 3DS. However, after downloading the program, it's come to my attention that you

So companies have been making unlicensed games for decades now (think Bible Adventures for the NES). However, now that te

There is a glitch called the Moveswap Glitch, which two-hands a weapon in your left hand (normally impossible), and grants it

I don't know about anyone else, but I really dislike the Grass Crest Shield. Not because I think it's overpowered or

What weapons do you like strictly on their looks? It might sound a bit off, but I'm really fond of the Blacksmith's H I collect Nintendo Handheld merchandise. Game &a

Question one: are there forums that encompass a whole console/handheld? Example, a 3DS forum or a GameCube forum? Question

I don't know if anyone noticed, but I haven't been active in a while. Well, some things happened, and while I don'

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