Here's a lil selection. ^^
Guess what! I'm on a signing spree!

Please sign back! ^^

Guess what? I'm on my signing spree again^^ This is one of my lastest stamps.. Sign back if u want^_^
See ya;)

Thanks for signing my gb. I'll sign yours

you know it makes sense !!!
All your reviews are gone. Mwuhahahahahha.
Hey Manwag, weren't you the top reviewer? Did a supermod delete all of your reviews or something? Damn, that's too bad... Anywho, I'll see ya around I suppose.

- Mike C.
hi manwag.. thanks again for writing in my guestbook. and i love ur stamp! i don't have one but if i ever get one, i'll drop by again & stamp you..c ya..
have a picture

from sonicx

thanks 4 sighning my guestbook
Hi there, thnx for signing my GB again^, so now I'll sign urs^_^ Previous time I signed ur GB, I didn't have a stamp, but now:

Hope u like it:D
C u in the forums;)
Hello hello hello , i love jespomo , do you ?


Thanx for signing my guestbook I thought i would sign your guestbook Im still trying to find my way around this website but i think im getting it a bit now I love to play sonic also Im hoping to get the sonic game for my PS2 after i get back from holiday later in the year.

Thank you
Hay there, thnx for signing my GB, so now I'm returning the favour^_^ I like ur pic:)
Unfortunately, I don't have stamp (yet) But as soon as I get one, I'll give it to u too;)
So maybe we could be neofriends?
Well, I'll C ya around
*blinks* Hi unknown person~~!! You signed my gb so I go sign urs. I think. nm.

Yay~~!!! I love Ann~~~!! She rox~~!!!

Neway, see ya, probs.

It's only fair to sign in response!!!
I will look after miles really well thankyou!!!
heeeyyy, it's me Natsu. Thought i'd be a darling and sign your guestbook seeming as we're friends now. I hope to see you around more often. Also, pay a visit at my website at
HEY! just thought i would sign your gb! Hopefully i can get to know ya better! SO i hope to see ya around the forums!! Buh~Bye and HAVE FUN!!

Hey dude, you wanted me to sign your guestbook, and I have no problem with that. BTW, the games in your noe-home are all awesome.


Here is my brand new stamp.

See you around. Trying to get banned.

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