Hey! Craig here! You can call me Mankind Socko, or MS for short. That is what alll my friends do.

Anyways, a quick bio of me, I am 12, I live in Michigan, around the Detroit area. My dad was mayor of my hometown for two years. (2001-2002). It was the best time the city ever had.

I started watching wrestling a long long time ago, back in the days of Vintage WWF. When Bret Hart and Rocky Maivia were at their peaks. I have watched it ever since, go through it's highest points (1998-2001: Attitude years) and it's lowest points (2001-2003: Current WWE). And it's neuttal points (1996-1998). But now, I have gotten other interests too. Kings of Chaos is a good one.

But another one, is right upon me. Puberty. Girls. Since I was about 10 did I start having b**ers when I looked at Divas, girls, women (hehehe)...

Now, I have changed a lot since I joined Neoseeker last July. A lot. When I joined, I was an immature little twit with a high annoying voice, a short little boy that couldn't lift more that 2lbs.

Then, around September, I suddenly grew like, 8 inches, got a deep voice, got WAAAAY more mature, got really strong, AND started posting in size 1!

Keyword: Puberty.

I have never been the same since >_<

But, here I am, not blinded by the painful experience I had to witness, and not deafened by the apinful examination of torture I had to endure.

Now I ask you one question. Are you be a man? I know I am not!


I have a newfound love for Kings of Chaos. I don't know what it is, but...

I also wnjoy things sucj as wrestling, basketball, football, and hockey.


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Review: School Tycoon - School Tycoon

Mar 29, 2004

Well, I only used the demo version. From what I say, I would give it *** stars. It was just 'OK'. I mean, it is not bad or anything, but it isn't golden. One of the noticable mistakes was the graphics. I give that **. Something else was the...

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