Do you have a specific pokemon you want coded? I can do it for you if you give me the following information. I know people want to make pokemon they used to have in previous versions but do not have access to another DS for the trade or transfer. I am willing to attempt to create the pokemon for you if you give me the info I need. I use Pokegen to create and code these pokemon. Since the program is not my own, I felt that credit was due here.

Note on Legendaries:
I have not been able to try creating one. If you want one of the NEW legendaries, the chances of your code working are slim at best. I attempted to create a Vicinti pokemon, but as far as I know I was unsuccessful. I will be attempting this again and will keep you updated.

Always save before using a code in the event that the codes fails.

Just because a code worked for me, does not mean it will work for you. Sometimes a code can fail. If it does, I am sorry. To the best of my knowledge, my codes I post will work for you if they worked for me.

I own no rights to Pokegen or the pokemon created using the program. I am doing this for entertainment purposes only and expect no payment.

Dont know your SID Number? Try this.
I do no own this code, nor did I create it. This code is for US versions of Black and White. If you do no follow the instructions I posted exactly (namely if you click your Name without holding down the L button), your game will freeze. I found this code on a website somewhere and had it on my AR list, I do not remember who the original creator of the code is. All credit goes to that person.

5216f4ac 98087128
0216f4b0 f9faf699
94000130 fdff0000
0216f4b0 0c006900
d2000000 00000000

In order to see your ID you need to follow these instructions exactly:
1.) Load the game with the code active.
2.) Hit the X button to bring up your menu.
3.) Once in the menu hold down the L button.
4.) Click on your Name.
5.) Once you see your Trainer Card, release the L button.
6.) Flip the card over. Your Regular ID should now be replaced with your Secret ID.

Please Provide This Information when you PM me:
Held Item:
Form (if it has more than one):
Origin (if not from Pokemon Black/White):
Met Where:
Stats (or I can randomize it):
Contest Stats (Or I can randomize or leave blank):
Attacks (I will automatically max their PP):
Ribbons (or not):

If you post that list here, I will create it and respond with your code and its trigger if it was possible to make a working one. If you do not use that form when requesting a pokemon, I will ignore it. Please use proper English when requesting, I really do no wish to try and decode your posts when I create a pokemon. Please refrain from rushing me, I do have a life, and I make codes in my spare time. :)

I test all of my codes before posting them.
If they are untested, I will say so on that post.

Anywho! That's all, if you want a pokemon - feel free to post! :D Emails when a topic is updated are sent to me, and I get them ASAP, so your wait should be somewhat minimal. :)