is eating nomy trifle.
is eating nommy trifle
iz better nao
is at home, ill
is tired from partaying on down last night! :D
wants to join the Air Cadets
is learning to fly
iz back from her holz in Europe! =]

What? =[ Say if you like me or not and why and how awesome I am! I will put on my profile so be nice. =]


Yup, so this is MAI BLOG about...random stuff. XD

So for those who don't know me, my name is Katy, I'm 12, and I have three chickens (Lady, Amber, Smokey) and two dwarf hammysters (Lav-Lav and Mannie). There's a piccy of Lav-Lav and of me in my gallery at the moment, and...That's it. I love Taylor Swift's songs (my faves are: Fearless, I'd Lie, and White Horse) and also James Morrison (hence the siggy).

So...yeah. That's me. What about you guys? Tell me random stuff about you, haw many pets you have stuff like that. Feel free to post anecdotes.



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