hi manaphee it SS i just like signing neofriends guestbooks. i dont have a stamp srry im open for pokesav requests and i need a stamp so i wuz wondering if u can make 1 for me thanks

Why Did You LIe About Your Age? One Of The Tenth Commandments IS To Not Lie =\ Now You Got Yerself Banned =\ Anyways, Stamp!

Have a Great School


heyy Sparkz, mah main wo-man!

jk jk, but thanks a bunch for
a) makin' me graphics, you're great at them!
b) lettin' me into ur clan!
c) signin' my guestbook
d) bein' my friend
and e)... signin' my guestbook again!

here's my stamp, i made it myself!

ur a great friend, nice... too bad we don't talk much anymore...
Hey wats up "sparky" just wanted to say thanks for all the fusion advice so i made my own stamp, tell me how you like it. First stamp try too

hooray for the girls of neo!


Goin on a stampin spree. Sign back or Girafarig will eat your soul.
Hi, actually i never thought you were a girl anyways, im sigining your guestbook, since youre a good friend and i loved meeting ya
Now I have a stamp now...

Sorry for posting twice. ^__^;;
He he he, that was a cute signature you gave me.

No problem being nice, you've been pretty nice in return.

Keep up the graphic-making, you have a lot of potential!

I'll add you as a NeoFriend, too.
i have a stamp!

ok, are you ready?
i dont think you are!
Manaphee is new here but he is a great trader! He gave me free Pokemon so he is nice! I gave him a free shiny. I am glad to be his friend. I also like Manaphy