I love to make Graphics. In July, somewhere near my birthday, I started Graphics and Neo. I know I wouldn't leave the many friends here I have on Neo til I truly think it's time. I'm a crazy 9 year old, but I like to be crazy. Aina and Jaron are some of my best friends on here, and some of the best graphic makers I know. I thank many people who have created banners in the past for me when I used paint, I use Photoshop CS now. Jaron and Aina both make awesome banners, and they are some really good friends. I would hate to leave Neo, especially when I know so many people on here. Jaron and Aina are really nice, and are funny sometimes. I also Love Pokemon, and I love to trade. (Especially Shinies!)
I first went on Neopets, Now I hate them because they ditched me. This is because I faked my age to be 13 when I was 8, and they kicked me off the Neo-Boards. At least Neoseeker is MUCH better.



I love Pokemon, Webkinz (online virtual pet that you buy in the real world) and many other interactive stuff, (Except I hate Neopets)


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I'm not just dedicated to Manaphy!
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