My name is Peyton Wooley born November 15,1994.I'm a playwriter and an anamated artist which means I love to draw cartoons. The very first play I ever wrote was in 5th grade called"Tommy's underground dream". then In 6th grade I wrote another one called "Lovebirds". now I'm in 10th almost in 11th grade. Now i write episodes of my show Sam and Elliot the adventures of the cortez jewel (2009-?)


game playing
making up games
like to play on computer
my type of music I like is Metal and Rock.
My favorite food is chili.

favorite shows are:
mystery diagnosis, my life as a teenage robot, spongebob sqaurepants, golden girls.

movies: click, happy gilmore, billy madison, the waterboy,all adam sandler movies,overboard ,back to the future parts 123.


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Peyton Wooley

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