My current Neo Family:
Neo Brother(s)- Scorpius, Zero the Quick, TDL12344, rokman, luwiigi, Mercury, Rockon709
Neo-sister- Lute, Skaterstar57, Princess Midna, lil_wolfy

My best neo friends:

Sc0rpius- I told alot about him. But he's my closest friend in real life. It was funny whenever I was romantically involved with a girl, he made codenames for them so know one would know what we're talking about.I remember all of those good times we had together, like Philadelphia, SixFlaggs, etc. Everytime we play smash bros., it isn't like playing someone on Neo-seeker, it's like playing for fun. Every game we play, it is always a tie DX! But he's still my best friend and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lute- Lutie is cool!!! She started calling me cubbie XD.She is so goofy especially when it comes to smash bros. She always doe these crazy things when we battle. Like the Kirby king/queen battle. She was funy in that game, but I still had to show her whose boss XD.

TDL12344- He's cool! I like talking to him everyday. I call him Tidy. He also calls me cubbie. He's good at brawl and he beats me sometimes and I sometimes beat him. Unlike the first time I underestimated him :( . I'm glad that he's my friend on here.

Mercury- Merc. is a nice down to earth person. I talk to him everyday. He used to be a leader on the immortals I looked up too. ^_^ Stay cool, frost.

Princess Midna: lol She is something else. At first I didn't like her that much, now we're good friends. She's a big talker of trash. She can be silly too. She also spams with long range attacks, she knows that's my weakness when I'm Sonic. But she's overall a good person and good(annoying) brawler.;D

Lil_wolfy: She's so hilarious, I love her! She can sometimes get too crazy, but like she said, she's badas! She's the 2nd girl in my SSBB crew. It was funny when I said she was my 37th babe, she flipped. She's a good person, get to know her.

Sonic Rivals---------------------------------
(order of most threatening)
3.Harkness Riku

Signature words: BOOYAHSHOCKA!!!, BLAZE(Shut tha blaze up, blaze you, what da blaze etc.)

Motto:"Life is a learning experience."

Quotes from me: "And then Magic johnson would say, OHHHTTEEYY! It's Magic time!"

There's more available to my family, just PM me.


I love videogames, they are my life. I was raised on the sega genesis and N64. My top 5 favorite games are: 1. Sonic series 2.Super Smash series 3.Metroid Prime2, 3 4. Mario series(mario kart, party, super mario, etc). 5. Pokemon series. I'm also a fan of music and a Jazz musician(trumpet). Also, lead in my highschool's band. I am also a big animal lover. I love drawing my own comic book series. I am a break/roller skate/latin dancer, My brother is better. I love hanging with friends and girls ;D

Fav. movies-Lion King,Dark Knight, Transformers, Pokemon first movie: Mewtwo strikes back

Fav. shows- My wife and kids, Family guy, Fresh Prince Of Bel-air,24, SonicX,Teen Titans.

Fav. pokemon- *Breloom*, pikachu, grovyle, Sandslash ,cyndaquil.

Fav. music- jazz, r&b, soft rock

Fav. SSBB stages- Castle siege, Halberd, Frigate orpheon, F.D.


New Brawl fc:3997-7030-0869

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