The BPL xbox 360 online league is a league comprised of players around the world competing for supremecy. What you recieve

anyone play it I wanna get a league going, post here if you play it

hey, I'd like to get a league started with at least 10 teams but these forums don't seem to active so if you would jo

Welcome to the first NeoLeague Recruitment Tournament :D The goal of this is that everyone recruits someone to join the neol

Untouched I wont trade if I don't like any of the offers

Rules: regular neo rules 1 lose and your out 1st round no items or evolved pokemon 2nd round 1 item and 2nd eviolution pok

Jolteon-Timid with hidden power ice lvl 1 is what I'm looking for just post what you want if you have one and if its shin Po Name: Mks or MakoSnipes Rules 1. Yours truly will name the type of battle. More

Jw, how do people get like 50 shiny pokemon to begin with? Do they just breed and get lucky?

I like PS more, why don't we use ps more then po in the neoleague also?

My fc: 4900 3375 9871 my wants are- Shiny Elekid- Naive nature lvl 1 Eevee- Timid nature lvl 1 Rotom- Modes

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