Here's a little something I came up with when I was bored.

It all started out on a stormy, dark night, all owls a howling, and no other noise than the rain pounding on the roof could be heard. I was happily getting lost in my thoughts while in an instant a mysterious object came flying through my window.

"Who larks?" said I, with a slight caution.

"Ho ho ho, I have come to steal all your clocks".

I inferred from this that he was Santa Clause, but definitely possessed by some unknown force.

"Why, no, no I must'n let you resort to doing this. Why must you frighten me so?"

I saw that he was somewhat amused by my response.

"Dare you, question ME? I have laid it simple, I will steal all your clocks. Not only that, I will take you captive so no one else will know of my sinister plans."

I stood in fright looking at the dark round man, dressed in red, but a dark shade that was cast over him. I thought and thought of ways to escape, but all that came to mind was my 6th birthday party, I do not know why.

"Looking for a way out, are ye?" asked Santa with a look that shocked me in every way.

I knew that this was my time to go, and I had no sight of seeing anyone familiar again.

During this time of shock and horror, my thoughts suddenly betrayed me, when some fierce lobster fell from the sky into the ceiling of my very room, expatriating Santa, relieving my shock, while adding a new block of horror to my conscience.

All this in one terrible night. How much more could my heart take?

I knew that this creature had plans of his own, just like the deceased Santa, but they were unknown to me, and at my instant gaze of terror caused the large creature to surround me by his massive claws.

"What evil hath you?" said I, with an air of fright.

His fierce and devilish eyes gazed straight through my skin and into my soul.

"I come" said it, with a great tone of superioty, "I come to take what is mine. You have what I want. You don't know what I desire, but you have it, and I will obtain it, any way at all possible.

My thoughts were scattered into different depths, and I could hardly maintain my being.

"Please, take what I have of yours, so you say, and please take leave of me once and for all."

The expression on its face changed from his recent look to a most frightful expression. I saw no good coming of what he sought to tell me.

"It's not that simple, young one. My item of desirement cannot be withdrawn from the premises that easily. You must recount with me. You recently discovered a seed, which you thought to be pretty, and appealing. You thought it would be delightful to devour this item. How do I know this? You do not know, nor do I intend on imparting this knowledge to you. But to withdraw this item from you, I will have to destroy your body wholly, and then take the desired item.

My heart pounded, and pounded, and pounded so hard that I thought I would do the work for him. This pounding brought on chains of fears that bestowed to me a blow to my entire conscience, resulting in an irrational action that did so change the course of my life.

I thought of my sixth birthday party, and with that rememberence I got the courage to escape from the massive claws and escape and fly into the night.

Every step made me shiver the ever more, and I made no action to improve that flaw of mine.

I cannot not explain how my thoughts were controlling my every action, and how every action resulted into a new fear that added up into the breaking down of my conscience. Out of shear fright and horror, topped with my body giving me up to the night, I collapsed into a state of unmoving and unreactive collapsion.

When I had awoken, I had saw something I couldn't rembember seeing if I had thought it out of me, the light of the sun.

This was my only ounce of energy that compelled me to venure off into the unknown. I soon realized I had no clue as to where I was, then after that soon realisement I derived that I had gotten into this physical state by my irrational escape the night before, or two nights, my mind deceives me.


God, basketball........
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