Major Lynette
Feb 10, 10 5:29pm
Major Lynette blogged
Apr 1, 09 6:48pm

Welcome to my happy place! I'm Major Lynette, if you don't know me yet, and this is my first blog post. I don't have much to say... well, I can always find something to say, so here I go!

This morning, I woke up. My mom had turned my light on really brightly. I got her to turning down, and ended up falling back to sleep... until my mom came in and yelled at me to get up again. I took a while in the bathroom, almost fell asleep in their... finally, I got out and put on my uniform (which has a skirt so tight that it's painful) and went downstairs. I had chocolate chip pancakes and banana bread. I checked my Neo PM box. I went to school. Now, I'm at school, but I feel sick. If French class (next period) gets too bad, I'll call home.

On Neoseeker, I'm pretty happy. I'm dating Balmung, or Anakin, and he's great. In video games, I'm obsessed with Rune Factory Frontier. And that's a short summary of now. See you next time!

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